Bottle green, petrol blue or pastel panels? Seven top hair colours this season

Katie Wright asks four colourists for their top predictions and suggests products to protect your new hair do.

Monday, 26th November 2018, 11:57 am
Pastel panels
Pastel panels

Four hair experts predict the hair cuts and colours that are going to be big...

1. Bottle Green

“The winter trend for green totally reflects the high street fashion wardrobe for the season,” says Lisa Whiteman, director at Whiteman Soho salon, who was working with Goldwell at Salon International. “This is definitely my favourite for the upcoming months,” Whiteman says, “It can be worn with the gold, wine and pine green fashions of autumn/winter.”

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Petrol blue

2. Coloured balayage

“Balayage is a freehand technique, as no foils or ‘meche’ are used to create the highlights,” explains Marzena Cielen, at Mahogany Hairdressing. “The term comes from the French word meaning ‘to sweep’.”

A word of warning, though: you’ll need a pro who can do the freehand dying technique, so this isn’t one to try at home.

3. Flat colour

Cerise pink

If colours - bright or pastel - aren’t your thing, fear not. John Vial, co-founder of Salon Sloane, believes we’ll also see a return to what he calls ‘disciplined colouring’.

“People are going to go back to blanket colour, it’s ‘virginal’ hair, to make it look like the colour it was when they were a teenager.”

4. Pastel panels

“Here’s one of Mahogany’s latest trends and one of my personal favourites - hair looking stunning with diffusion of apricot into seamless minky tones,” Cielen says.

“These colours are great for autumn/winter. This look is created by placing panels in the right order and using a blending technique.”

5. Petrol blue

Denim hair was a big hit on Instagram this year, but 2019 is going to be all about petrol blue, a more greenish, saturated shade (pictured).

“If you have naturally dark hair and a deep skin tone you’re a perfect fit for this hue,” Cielen says.

6. Cerise pink

The rich, cherry-esque shade is Lisa Whiteman’s final trend pick this season.

“This is a nod to the Eighties that can be worn with most of the season’s fashion trends. It looks great with dusty pink, winter green and lavender,” she says.

7. Visible roots

“Shadowy roots are starting to make an appearance,” says Anna Short, at Daniel Galvin in Selfridges London. “Placing some subtle highlights around the face make this look more polished and deliberate.”