Book review: Where’s the Zombie? by Paul Moran

Christmas is on its way and the fun starts here!

By Pam Norfolk
Wednesday, 4th December 2013, 9:00 am
Wheres the Zombie? by Paul Moran
Wheres the Zombie? by Paul Moran

When the food has been eaten, you’ve been toppled by the tipples and the festive TV line-up has been consumed, let the family party begin with this search book full of madcap mayhem.

Test everyone’s skills as they feast their eyes on the fallout from a viral disaster and search out pages and pages of zany zombies who just can’t stop multiplying.

After an experiment at Hart Laboratories goes disastrously wrong, scientist Joel Peters and his family are the first to be infected and it’s vital that they are all located so the virus can be monitored. But the virus is spreading and nowhere is safe and it’s a scramble for survival as the number of flesh-eating zombies grows with every turn of the page.

From a hospital under quarantine and an underground bunker to a White House evacuation and full-scale battle in the streets, puzzle fans young and old will love this gorgeously gruesome and scarily supernatural search book.

It comes with 48 pages of full colour illustrations and the promise of hours of amusement as raucous revellers hunt down the fearsome family of z-list zombies.

You’d be mad to miss it!

(Michael O’Mara, hardback, £9.99)