X-factor star’s festive dream

Hitting the right notes: JonJo Kerr  in action
Hitting the right notes: JonJo Kerr in action
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Jon Jo is dreaming of a Christmas hit

‘All I want for Christmas is a number one...but it is going to be a big ask.’

That is the hopes of Chorley’s singing soldier JonJo Kerr after his single with the Military Wives was officially released for download last week.

It comes a year after their hit ‘In My Dreams’ was number one in the album charts.

The 2011 X-Factor finalist teamed up with the Military Wives for the Festival of Remembrance in the Royal Albert Hall in November to sing the hit again

So amazed by the reception it got that they decided to release it.

The 29-year-old said: “I loved performing at the Royal Albert Hall and I was really happy to try to get it to number one on download.

“All proceeds are going towards the British Legion and it is a cause that is very close to me caring for the war veterans and helps ex-servicemen and women.

“I really want the people of Chorley and Lancashire to get the single and give money to a good cause.”

JonJo is looking forward to a five-week break over Christmas with his wife Melissa and two children, 18-month-old Dominic and seven-year-old Bradley.

It will be a different situation as 12 months ago he knew that he was heading to Afghanistan with the army was lingering in his mind.

He said: “I was a little bit nervous last time round because I knew I would be going in February.

“I had to stay professional about it all.

“This time I will be able to enjoy spend time with my family because it was really difficult when I was away from them.

“I love being with them and it is a real challenge.”

JonJo described the conditions out in Afghanistan this time round as ‘hell on earth’.

“It was just so humid and you go out there with a group of good lads but because it is so hot you do get a bit grumpy.

“We lost six guys out there at the beginning of the tour of duty.

“At this time of year it really makes you think that I am lucky to spend time with my family while some of my mates in the Coruna company won’t be able to.

“It makes you value life more.

“But no-one is forcing us to go out there, we are doing it because we want to and you just have to stay positive.”

In 2013, JonJo is going to be working with the Heroes Children’s Fund trying to raise money for kids of soldiers as well as keeping up his musical exploits with some gigs after Christmas and then into the studio to produce an album.

If you want to find out more information about the single check out the website: jonjokerrmusic.co.uk/military-wives.html