City duo in film contest

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Two Preston friends have made a film to be entered into Sundance London’s short film competition.

Daniele Baron and Conor O’Grady grew up together in Fulwood, and have now made a documentary about former journalist Ed Mitchell, who lost everything and became homeless.

The pair, who filmed their entry in just one day, have been amazed by the response to the film.

Daniele, 26, who recently moved from London to Penwortham, said he saw the competition brief of “making a go of it”, and thought of Ed’s story immediately.

He said: “We went to Brighton to see if it would work, and it was spot on.

“As soon as we could free up a day we went to Brighton and shot it all in about a 14-hour day.

“It was an opportunity to spread our creative skills.”

Daniele and Connor, 25, went to Corpus Cristi Catholic High School before studying at different universities in Leeds, and then both moved to London.

The duo expect to find out the success of their film in April, which is subject to a public vote and also a judges’ panel.

Daniele said: “You win a certain prize - you get tickets to go to the Sundance Festival which is prestigious for any film maker.

“And the film is screened at Sundance in front of an audience, which would be pretty special.”

He added: “We are really proud of it - the response we’ve had from friends, and friends of friends - we are just pretty chuffed with it really.”




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