Teetotaler Steve’s definitive guide to Preston’s pubs

Teetotal, Steve Halliwell of Minster Park, Cottam, with his book, 'Preston Pubs'

Teetotal, Steve Halliwell of Minster Park, Cottam, with his book, 'Preston Pubs'

A historian who has spent more then 10 years researching the history of pubs in Preston has had his first book published.

Steve Halliwell, 69, of Minster Park, Cottam, who is well known for his Pubs in Preston blog, penned the book in a bid to share his research.

The former policeman said he is “quite thrilled” with the response to his book.

Steve, who does not drink but is fascinated by the social history contained within pubs, said: “This book is a culmination of all the research I’ve been doing over the last 12 years or so. It’s an overview of what there’s been in Preston in the last 400 years.

“I was approached by the publisher who had found the blog and they were interested in doing a series of the same sort of thing, such as Preston Pubs, Swindon Pubs, and so on. Just how far they got with the others I don’t know.

“They had stumbled across my website and asked if I would be interested.

“They approached me around Christmas time and they gave me until the end of March to get it all in.

“It wasn’t too bad actually, I think I got it to them a week early. It’s been available to order on Amazon for the last couple of weeks.”

When Steve first launched his blog he described it as “his contribution to the 2012 Preston Guild festivities.”

Since then the website has attracted page views from all over the world – with new information pouring in from the USA and Canada, as well as Australia and New Zealand.

More recently Steve also wrote a weekly column for the Evening Post. He said when he first started the research and the blog he had hoped it might led to a book being published.

Steve explained: “I had hoped I could publish a book, but could never justify it being a pensioner, paying to have it published.

“When Amberley Publishing approached me, they said they would take care of all that.

“I have put the information up on two local Facebook sites, ‘Preston Past and Present’ and ‘You Know You’re From Preston’ and there’s been quite a lot of interest. It’s in colour, obviously some of the photos are in black and white. I am really thrilled with it. They have done a good job.”

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