Chorley auction house breaks European record

Pair of John Lennon owned cuff links

Pair of John Lennon owned cuff links

Rare memorabilia from The Beatles sold for thousands of pounds in a Chorley firm’s first auction.

TracksAuction.com held the online auction on Sunday after gathering valuable items linked to the Fab Four.

The highlight of the auction was a copy of the The White Album, signed by all four members of the band, which sold for £136,800.

It is believed to be the most expensive signed album ever sold in Europe.

Also up for grabs were two detention sheets for John Lennon from Quarry Bank High School For Boys in Liverpool, which sold for £8,437.50 each.

And cuff links owned by Lennon sold for £10,937.50.

TracksAuction.com is the sister firm of Chorley-based Tracks, which specialises in Beatles autographs and rock and roll memorabilia.

Director Paul Wane said: “There was quite a lot of interest. Generally there were a lot of people bidding on all the items.

“I anticipated The White Album going for around that price. I thought £120,000 to £140,000.

“It’s a supremely rare item. It was the first genuine copy ever to surface so I knew there would certainly be a lot of interest there.

“The cuff links were a surprise. They went for more than I expected.”

The White Album, which was signed in 1973 or 1974, was sold on behalf of a man from the south of England who had owned it since the 1970s.

Paul compared it to examples of The Beatles’ signatures from the same time period to establish they were real.

He said: “He knew it was signed but didn’t know they were real.

“He asked me to look at them and they seemed genuine.

“We built the auction around that.”

The detention sheets, which cover 1955 to 1956, were saved from a bonfire at Lennon’s former school.

A member of staff found detention books while clearing out a storage room and ripped out the pages.

Some were later destroyed by chemicals in an accident and only a few remain. His misdemeanours include “idlessness”, silliness”and “no interest whatsoever”.

The cuff links belonged to a relative of Lennon and were matched to photographs of him wearing them.

The auction had 171 lots in total, with other items relating to the Sex Pistols, Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and others.

It was the first auction run by the firm, but more could follow.

Paul said: “It really is quite encouraging.

“When we have enough good material to auction, we will certainly consider doing it again.”




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