Jonjo’s war song

Waiting for Video...

X Factor finalist and army veteran Jonjo Kerr from Chorley, has starred in a video to launch a new recording of the marching song ‘Pack Up Your Troubles’ for the national military charity SSAFA.

The updated version has been made to mark the centenary of WWI and has the support of the song’s composer’s grandson and the Military Wives Choirs.

Jonjo, 30, who served for five years as an infantry soldier in the Yorkshire Regiment, is now appearing in the video along with a cast of TV celebrities, veterans, serving personnel and young cadets. The charity hopes the video will become a viral sensation and work its way into the hearts and minds of the public in the same way it did during World War One.

Jonjo said: “Being involved in the video was great fun and a real honour but it is important that we remember that the troops involved in WWI and their families suffered terribly during the conflict. What’s even more important is that then, as now, SSAFA did a lot to help.”




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