Janice hopes her art reaches Preston town hall

Aspiring: Artist Janice Stubbs with her portrait of Prince Charles that she hopes to donate to Preston City Council

Aspiring: Artist Janice Stubbs with her portrait of Prince Charles that she hopes to donate to Preston City Council

A budding artist is hoping for a royal seal of approval for her latest masterpiece.

Talented Janice Stubbs is willing to donate her portrait of Prince Charles to Preston Council for free, to hang alongside its paintings of the great and the good in the town hall.

The 47-year-old has painted a number of portraits throughout her illustrious career, with Muhammad Ali and Nelson Mandela among them.

And Janice hopes the council will accept her latest painting.

She said: “At Preston Council they already have a portrait of the Queen, so I’d like the painting to go alongside it.

“The painting will be in a place for people to see then and people will be able to recognise the work I have done.”

Inspired to paint from a young age, Janice, who lives in the Ribble Valley, looks for character and colour in the people she chooses.

And that is why Prince Charles was her latest quest with the brush.

She added: “Prince Charles is full of character and that is something I wanted to bring out.

“Everybody recognises him and he has a really nice face, plus people like him.”

But portraits aren’t the only thing that Janice specialises in.

From a young age, she always had a number of pets and being surrounded by animals only strengthened her love of painting wildlife.

She added: “Portraits and wildlife are definitely my speciality.

“Having been an animal lover from a very early age, this is why animal subjects have provided inspiration for my paintings.”

Each painting Janice completes takes roughly three to four weeks, and the self-trained artist is more than happy to take on as many paintings as possible each month.

She said: “Time wise, it all depends. Because they are oil paintings they take much longer to dry.

“I don’t have a set amount to do each month, I’m quite flexible and I only usually work on the paintings bit by bit.”

Janice has high hopes of painting full-time and going into business with partner Martin Bednarczuk.

She has yet more royal connections to deal with as she makes her way down to London in the coming weeks to showcase her magnificent work.

She added: “I’m going down to London to present my work at a Holland & Holland exhibition.

“I’ll be showing my work of a Spaniel oil painting, which the canvas size is 40x40.

“This is a great chance for me and hopefully people can take a real interest in my work.”




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