Furry friends socialise online

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Research has revealed that nearly a million pet owners have given their furry friends a social media account and are posting on their animals’ behalf.

And it seems the pets of Lancashire are as prolific online as their humans.

The LEP was inundated with Tweets and Facebook messages from all creatures great and small across the county when we put out a request for the animal world to get in touch on social networks.

And two of these ‘net pets’ are friends online and off.

Tilly, a “ginger and fiesty” grassroots horse competitor, and Stan, the border terrier, live in Forton with their mum and dad, Jeni and Peter Ball.

Jeni, 43, runs Jeni’s Cupcake business and has had Tilly for eight years.

She said: “Tilly started her blog, 
Facebook and Twitter pages to highlight grassroot horse and rider combinations who are just normal people like me who try their hardest, despite set backs and no funding, to do something they love.

“We have built up an amazing partnership over the years and she is my best friend, we know each other so well.”

Tilly’s net-friend, eight-year-old Stan, who loves nothing more than galloping alongside her when she goes to the beach, has some high-profile social networking friends.

His Twitter account, @stan_border was set up when Peter, 45, was inspired by an article on Andy Murray’s border terriers who follow Stan’s account and now has 1,172 Twitter followers.

Peter, who owns Garstang garage @ballhargreaves, said: “Stan has looked after the horses all his life, we’ve had him since he was nine weeks old.

“He comes in the horsebox to events, chases chickens, loves bunnies, loves sunbathing and basically has to make sure Jeni is okay as I go off to work everyday.”

You can follow Tilly’s blog at http://www.livetoevent.co.uk/

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