Cheap pie and pricey brew at PNE

Deepdale on match day
Deepdale on match day
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Preston North End sit in mid-table in League One when it comes to offering the cheapest day out.

The BBC have conducted their annual Price of Football Calculator survey which looks at the price of tickets, a programme, pie and cup of tea at all grounds.

PNE’s cheapest day out is £28.70 – a figure which is cheaper than 10 League One clubs.

Fans eat cheaper at Deepdale, with the club’s £2.60 pie costing less than all but three grounds in the division – Rochdale, Port Vale and Leyton Orient.

But getting a brew to go with it is a different matter, with only Bradford (£2.20 for a cup of tea) costing more than North End’s £2.10.

The cheapest season ticket at PNE – £315 – is the sixth highest in League One, with supporters of Chester, Crawley, Port Vale, Oldham and Colchester paying more.

North End’s most expensive season ticket, which costs £420, is cheaper than the prices offered by nine other League One clubs.

However, the BBC’s survey shows that the cheapest season ticket on offer at reigning Premier League champions Manchester City is just £299, a figure which is £16 less than at North End.

Ben Rhodes, general manager at PNE, says that money from season tickets and that taken at the turnstiles is the main source of revenue for Football League clubs, with some Premier League sides able to offer discounted admission because of the money they get from television deals.

Rhodes told the Evening Post: “This survey can give a bit of a distorted view.

“Some clubs put forward a one-off cheap ticket offer as their lowest price, which they are entitled to do. But does that paint an accurate picture of the season as a whole?

“If we did a one-off reduced offer, we would not put that forward as it would be for only one game and would not reflect what we charge throughout a season.

“Looking at the BBC’s survey we are mid-range in League One with a lot of things.

“It is difficult to compare clubs with them being in different divisions and different parts of the country, in my view it is not comparing eggs with eggs.

“You look at Manchester City offering a season ticket for £299 which is great value.

“But I doubt there will be 10,000 of those available.

“Premier League clubs got £60m to £80m each season from their television deal and then about £500,000 for each time a game is shown live on TV.

“In League One, the home side gets £30,000 if a game is broadcast live on television and the away team £10,000.

“Fans want teams to compete in their respective divisions and if you want that you need the better players.

“To get better players you have to pay them more and unfortunately that gets passed on to the supporters – it is a vicious circle.”

Across Lancashire’s clubs, newly-promoted Premier League outfit Burnley are streets ahead in the cost of a matchday – the cheapest Turf Moor experience costing £42.30 compared to Championship clubs Blackburn (£19.70) and Blackpool (£31.50).

In League One, a day out at Fleetwood would set fans back £24.50 compared to North End’s £28.70.

And in League Two, Morecambe’s cheapest matchday package costs £23.60, while Accrington charge £26.50.

Nationally, the costliest football comes at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium where the cheapest season ticket is £1,014 and the most expensive £2,013. A pie costs £3.60 and a brew £2.20.