Readers’ letters - December 3

The Judges' Lodgings in Lancaster ' one of the museums which has been earmarked for closure. See letter
The Judges' Lodgings in Lancaster ' one of the museums which has been earmarked for closure. See letter
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Abandoning our heritage

The proposed budget cuts recently announced by Lancashire County Council make depressing reading.

It seems to me that the battles about the major services – Education, Social Services, Highways, Transport, et cetera – are fought out in the open, but the services that make up our cultural landscape are being quietly abandoned as local authorities are starved of the resources to run them.

I think this is a deliberate tactic to drive these services into the private sector arena, where ‘market forces’ can pick off the profit-making elements.

Tories just can’t stand for anything to be provided for free when there is an opportunity for someone to make a profit out of it.

And it doesn’t even seem to matter whether they are from this country any more.

Libraries and museums to be closed, the Archaeology Service and the Countryside Service simply to be terminated.

How can this be possible?

Our heritage and our countryside are valuable resources, which need the protection and management that only a public body can give them. Surely there is also a statutory element to the work of both of them?

On a practical level, what are the users of these services expected to do now? What will happen to the resources these services are currently able to offer for public use?

But most of all, in what way will this benefit the people of Lancashire?

John Gray via email

Road humps will stop speeding

I have just been reading your article in tonight’s Lancashire Evening Post (LEP November 23), about the speed limit error on a country lane, namely Marsh Lane in Longton, which is where I live. At our end of Marsh Lane, it’s 20mph Speed Limit, which is enforceable, but is not enforced at all.

I have lived there for the past five years and, since the speed limit was put in place, I have had two of my beautiful cats killed through motorists speeding down the lane, often either going to or coming from The Dolphin Inn, which is at the end of Marsh Lane.

I have stood out in the road and watched motorists coming towards me at speed, having to slow down when they see me there.

I have told them it is 20mph, and have been given an abusive reply, as they continue at speed past me.

The only way I believe to stop them speeding is to put speed humps along the road. This will, at least, slow motorists down to the 20mph limit.

Janette Ellwood, Longton

Fight for your community

Regarding the student flats on Fylde Road, (Jubilee Trading Estate), it’s about time the local councillors of this area (University Ward) started supporting and fighting for the local community instead of letting every planning application being passed without a fight.

Maudland Area is bursting at the seams with students and will get worse when the proposed university development begins, so come on councillors, fight, or the ballot paper will talk when elections come along.

Angry Maudland Resident

Care more about planet

Climate change talks are taking place this week. If only we cared more about the environment and those who share our planet with us (humans and other species), rather than money and power, then maybe, just maybe, the world might be a happier place.

Nature lover via email

Party ‘on course for civil war’

John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, is a disgrace to the Labour Party, the country, and democracy, and shows signs of being a desperate man while the policies of Jeremy Corbyn and his opposition party are now being rejected by a majority of their decent supporters.

His outburst accusing UKIP of being an evil force and using the usual references to racism beggars belief and is an affront to the four million people who voted for us earlier this year, and also to John Bickley, our candidate.

This is from a man, along with most of Corbyn’s hard-left front bench, whose views on the military, the monarchy and terrorist organisations are not shared by the majority of the population.

These hard-left throw-backs from the 1970s and their world of revolution and make-believe, are showing their desperation, because they are losing support by the bucket-load in the Oldham West and Royton by-election (and the rest of the country) and they are on course for civil war within the Labour Party as the moderates are beginning to rebel.

This shows that the current Labour Party no longer stands for the working men and women.

Philip Griffiths, North West President, UKIP (UK Independence Party)

Original design was different

In response to the article, ‘Widow’s wrangle with council over colour of new home’ (LEP November 4), Mrs Fawcett claims she and her late husband came up with the contemporary K-Rend design in March 2014, which begs the question why then did she submit plans in March 2014 for a new home with rustic brick and slate roof, stone head and sills, if contemporary K-Rend was what she had in mind?

I would add that there are many different rustic bricks available, and no shortage of any!

Also I would add, as this new build is situated near me and my neighbour, Mrs Fawcett’s mother is not the only one looking at it.

To quibble with the council after taking it upon herself to build in K-Rend, then add to that the size of the building, using tiles instead of slate – and all without permission – is a bit rich. It is a totally different house to the one originally applied for. The council always make it clear at the outset of applications that it must fit in with the surrounding properties, this house clearly does not.

B O’ Hagan, Walton-le-Dale