Reader’s letters Wednesday October 29, 2014

Poignant event: The Remembrance Service in Bilsborrow last year
Poignant event: The Remembrance Service in Bilsborrow last year
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Housing is a health issue

I have read of the activities of Lancashire County Council in Lancashire Evening Post which makes an announcement of pending service cuts in sheltered housing support

Sheltered housing is a health and wellbeing matter.

The impact is likely to be devastating – those on benefits having income reduced having acquired sheltered accommodation on the basis that this service is funded by Lancashire County Council.

It is a matter of contention that any should be asked to pay for this service (those that have/have not healthy income).

The ‘haves’ generally have inputted into income collection of the country over years and years and in retirement (sheltered housing is age 55+, with sometimes early retirement due to circumstances beyond their control, ie failing health.)

It seems that Lancashire County Council may be attempting a follow up of the under occupancy charge (so called by some `the bedroom tax’).

This is a health and wellbeing matter.

If sheltered housing funds are removed, stagnation may occur leading to more ill-health, depression etc. and a knock on effect with doctors and NHS.

All matters of health are duty of care attributable to social service providers for all.

We need a U-turn please Lancashire County Council. Look within for savings, not attempting to take the little they have from some.

Supporter of sheltered housing,

via email

Time for new motoring laws

If the laws on dangerous dogs are outdated, then with far more

innocents being killed by dangerous drivers, what does it say about

our road traffic laws?

Doesn’t all that’s been said post inquest into the death of Jade Anderson, from the way dogs are reared to identifying the early warning signs, equally apply to the way we drive?

Only families who’ve lost a child in horrific circumstances – not police officers or corners – can fully understand the hurt and the drive in fighting for changes in the law, so that it doesn’t happen to others.

It’s surely odds-on that, we have drivers who are blind to danger and far worse, blind to vulnerable road-users; blind to children running from behind parked cars.

If in support of tougher dog laws it can be said: “If it saves onelife, it’s worth it”, what then, with five people a day killed on ourroads, should we say in support of tougher driving laws?

Allan Ramsay,


Traditional service date

Although Sunday November 9 is the official day of National Remembrance the good folk of Barton, Myerscough and Bilsborrow additionally hold the traditional service at their beautiful memorial at 11am on November 11. This year’s ceremony will be attended by the High Sheriff, local resident and well respected vet, Mr Barry Johnson.

This service is always well supported and includes the children of the three schools of Barton, St. Mary’s Catholic, Barton and Bilsborrow (John Cross) Cof E. The children play a full part in the service and lay crosses as names of the dead are read out by the High Sheriff.

In this special year commemorating the centenary of the commencement of World War One an even greater attendance is expected. Visitors this year will include a Chelsea Pensioner. All are welcome.

After the service all are invited to enjoy refreshments in the Village Hall, generously provided by the ladies of the WI.

Everyone is encouraged to search out medals awarded to family members and wear them on this special day. These should be worn on the right side.

Col John Bird, via email

via email

Is Fishergate really finished?

At long last I, together with many others am glad to see that phase 1 of the new Fishergate/Corporation Street road changes are now completed - or are they?

Surely I am not the only one to be left wondering why the mini-roundabout markers situated at the top of Corporation Street,and at Butler Street are nicely finished off with a blob or two of tarmac!.

After all the money spent, and all the disruption caused to complete the work,one would think that the budget would have run to a few extra paving blocks and not have had to rely on the old patch up solution already!

W Shaw, via email

Trader Horn needs plaque

I was delighted to see your double page coverage of Trader Horn.

I am a relative of Aloysius Smith (he was my grandfather’s cousin)

I have made extensive research of his life and death and thanks also go to John Siddall and Hilda McLaughlin.

Five years ago I made tremendous effort to have this famous Prestonian recognised by the mounting of a Blue Plaque.

The amount of opposition mounted against by the Civic Trust and other bodies resulted in my abandoning my efforts for recognition of Trader Horn.

Very sad but you will always have some small minded people and jobsworths.

John R Smith, via email

Fantastic show worth the trip

My family and I travelled up to Lancaster from Nottinghamshire to attend a performance of South Pacific at the Grand Theatre, Lancaster (okay, so we had an ulterior motive as our son, currently attending Lancaster University, was in the orchestra).

But that aside, we were blown away by the impressive performance.

Not only the principal players, but a big turnout in both male and female chorus, both in numbers and quality.

Front of house and backstage appeared equally enthusiastic and well organised.

So, in short, congratulations and many thanks for a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Ian Carter, Newarkl