Reader’s letters - Wednesday October 22, 2014

Are the Buckshaw Village ducks a nuisance, one reader thinks not
Are the Buckshaw Village ducks a nuisance, one reader thinks not
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Beware the cycling bullies

Having recently returned to cycling both for pleasure and as a commuter, I am dismayed at how many cyclists seem to have recently started to bully other cyclists.

For example, this morning on the Guild Wheel (docks, riverside) at Preston I was abused by a cyclist for being on the ‘wrong’ side of the cycle path.

I found this ironic as the only reason I was on the ‘wrong’ side was because he was coming towards me at high speed - on the wrong side. So I was actually taking avoiding action!

I can only assume he felt his skin tight clothing and expensive bike gave him superior rights on the path. Cyclists rightly complain about motorists bullying them but surely should not be exhibiting the same behaviour towards other cyclists!

Name and address supplied

Sad at the views of other people

I found two letters in last Saturday’s Evening Post particularly depressing. The first referred to those villagers who wrote letters to the judge complaining about the conviction of child abuser Robert Hayes-Danson.

What arrogance, disregard and downright contempt for the process of law. They may know the parties involved but Hayes-Danson was convicted by a jury which heard all of the evidence and will, no doubt, have deliberated this with great consideration before coming to their verdict. To then bypass this with what would appear to be an orchestrated campaign of letter writing to the judge is shameful.

Secondly was the gentleman who referred to indigenous people “sticking together”. No doubt he would look into my eyes, should I ever have the misfortune to meet him, and see a fellow indigenous person. I would look into his and see a racist.

Michael Roberts, Fulwood

Lay off village’s harmless ducks

I would just like to comment on the story regarding the ducks on Buckshaw Village (LEP October 20).

I had to laugh at the small minded person who felt the need to report to the Evening Post there are too many ducks and they are a health hazard, how stupid does this person make themselves out to be?

Ducks are beautiful creatures they do no harm to anyone. They are not dirty noisy or cause a nuisance to anyone all the children love to go to the pond and feed them including myself with my grandchildren. They are far better than the inconsiderate dog owners who don’t pick up there dog muck or are dam right rude and disrespectful when they throw there doggy bags in our bins,

Also the ducks are not as bad as the parents that allow there children to run riot on the estate banging and kicking on doors but unfortunately we all have to put up with it.

So for goodness sake get a life or should I say enjoy your life with our Buckshaw ducks because you’re the one who is quackers!

Buckshaw Resident

Pay deal is not fair to everyone

After the longest and deepest pay squeeze in history it’s time to end the lock-out which has kept the vast majority from sharing in the economic recovery. The average worker is £50 a week worse off than in 2007 and 5m earn less than the living wage.

Top directors now earn 175 times more than the average worker. If politicians wonder why so many feel excluded from the democratic process, they should start with bread and butter living standards. An economy which finds money for tax cuts for the rich while the rest face a pay squeeze and big cuts to the welfare system –that any of us might need – is no longer working for the many.

Derek Barton, Preston and South Ribble Trades Council

Equality debate an eye opener

I refer to the letter from OAP, (letters October 2) regarding feminism, but first of all let me congratulate the Evening Post on a lively letters section.

Over the past month or so the subject of feminism has been debated by several correspondents.

I have nothing to add to this debate that hasn’t already been said, but I would just like to point out another aspect to the debate.

Not only do you have a lively letters section but it is also very educational.

Over the past three or four weeks I have been approached by several women who tell me they have discovered Dr Alice von Hildebrand,someone they had never heard of before, due to her exposure in the letters section of the Evening Post.

All of them have been most impressed with her writings, indeed as one young woman said: “She expresses my feelings exactly, much better than I can express them myself”, so keep up the good work in entertaining and educating us.

G Marlow via e-mail

Listen to public fracking fears

Regarding the Fylde Council vote on fracking in Woodplumpton/Roseacre villages. Whatever the vote, Lancashire County Council will determine in November whether or not to allow fracking in rural Fylde, within a few hundred metres of people’s homes; the residents of the two villages most affected gave councillors a lot to think about at the meeting. It was interesting to hear the testimonies from young mothers, the elderly, representatives from the scientific community, health-related groups, and environmentalists. All gave impassioned, sensible reports to council members.

The reasons why planning officers advised against the main part of Cuadrilla’s applications, that would mean 24-hour drilling, was noise disturbance throughout the testing period.

Then large trucks constantly driving through the narrow lanes from the drilling site, only a short distance away from wildlife sanctuaries.

Also to hear the revelation that, throughout this nightmare scenario, only 11 local jobs would be created was fascinating.

This was democracy in action, as one after another we heard the views from a cancer charity gentleman talking about the risks from toxic chemicals used in the process.

Marjorie Nye, address supplied