Reader’s letters - Wednesday October 15, 2014

'Lost cause': Reader Steve Green says people need to get behind fracking
'Lost cause': Reader Steve Green says people need to get behind fracking
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‘Get off your high horses’

I hope that sensible people recognise that the anti fracking brigade are just habitual objectors trying to add meaning to what they see as their meaningless lives. Be logical. Britain’s Empire was built on coal. Our island is sitting on the stuff.

The industry has all but gone but from the Midlands to Central Scotland there are umpteen mine shafts and tunnels underneath substantial areas of land, towns, homes and fields. They are presently filling with poisonous and explosive gas and/or water. Many are collapsing causing sink holes on the surface.

These risks were not factored into the coal mining industry, we needed it, we took it.

Now we have an opportunity to once again supply our country’s energy needs with the risks and consequences factored in, compensation included.

Dear Nimbys, get off your high horses, you wouldn’t complain if the richest vein of gold was found one or two miles beneath your homes and you got a piece of the action.

Steve Green, Preston

Gridlock will only get worse

Saturday 11th October and Christmas has begun in the Fishergate Centre, it was very busy which is great for Preston.

My daughter and I had to collect something from Argos so we parked on Fishergate Centre car park.

At around 3pm there was only one exit open and a guy on the gate advising that Butler Street was grid locked. which we could see, and we could turn left and go over the bridge into Winckley Square.

This appeared to be a good suggestion as we could then drive via Avenham and head home via the ring road near to the prison.

However, it was not to be as we could not access Winckley Square due to the No Entry Sign so we ended up in Mount Street and had to barge our way into the moving traffic on Fishergate and drive past the Railway Station as there is no right urn into Corporation Street.

We appreciated the advice but we gained nothing as we ended up back in the same grid locked traffic. What will happen nearer Christmas when the car park is heaving, tempers are short and shoppers are tired and have small children on board all eager for a quick exist home.

Christine Abram, Cottam

Let’s make project happen

What a brilliant idea to use the 129 panels on the bridge to 
promote everything that is good about the city.

The mock-up looks terrific, each panel does look like a picture frame.

Fantastic idea and given the refurbishment of the surroundings, it’s perfect timing.

Come on everybody, let’s make this happen

Alan Smith, Preston

Traffic chaos could be solved

Whilst visiting the Deepdale retail park on Saturday I became aware of the traffic chaos as a result of the extension of the centre.

Several employees were involved in directing traffic. It seems likely this will continues for months and around Christmas time the whole centre will be gridlocked.

A temporary solution to avoid meltdown would be for the centre operators to come to an agreement with Preston North End car parking spaces on none match days and operate a temporary park and ride system.

Peter Watson, Goosnargh

Tweet outrage was contrived

‘Contrived outrage’ just about sums up the response of Mr Wallace’s reaction to Ben Whittingham’s tweet of 18 months ago.

Eighteen months!

A researcher must have had to work long into the night trawling-through tweets to discover remarks of this vintage.

Whether right or wrong, everyone is entitled to view history in their own way; that’s the thing about history, except for actual events, battles etc., the interpretation is never exact.

Ben Wallace is a former soldier. My uncle served in the DLI during the Second World War and was a prisoner in Tobruk.

The nightmare of what he endured, friends he saw lose their lives, haunted him for the rest of his days.

My uncle wasn’t an admirer of Churchill; does that make him less of a soldier or his opinion in any way ‘disrespectful’ to the men he served alongside?

I was against the war in Iraq. History looks as if my misgivings about the possible outcome may prove to be correct; does my opinion as to the rights and wrongs of the Bush-Blair decision in any way demean the sacrifice of Army/Air personnel?

I have nothing but respect and admiration for these people.

And that noise you can hear in the distance? Another Tory bandwagon on the election horizon.

Marilyn Levey, Forton

More village toilets needed

I was pleased to see that Chipping toilets had received “Best in Lancashire” award. I use these toilets regularly on my cycling travels around the county and always feel that they are well looked after, always clean and in such a pleasant setting.

It is just a pity Ribble Valley Borough Council chose to deny us the chance to use the toilets in Gisburn and Waddington, villages every bit as big as Chipping and just as much in demand. Do people not need to use the toilet any more? Are our bodies changing how they work? I would have thought that the local council was charged with using our funds to enable our basic needs to be satisfied in a dignified manner.

We should not have to put upon local businesses for this and for many people, to ask is embarrassing; that is if they are even open when the need arises, which in many older folk is often. Something is wrong somewhere.

Richard Dugdale, Clitheroe