Reader’s letters - Wednesday July 31, 2014

People gather for flying of Palestinian flag at Preston Town Hall last Friday
People gather for flying of Palestinian flag at Preston Town Hall last Friday
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Message not shared by all

Just to set the record straight for the people blaming ‘Preston City Councillors’ for raising the Palestinian flag over the Town Hall.

Neither I, nor my colleagues, were consulted about the decision and did not know about it until we saw it in the Evening Post so to paint us all black because of an idiotic decision on the part of the present city council is entirely wrong.

Speaking for myself, if I had been asked I would have categorically said I would not support such a decision. Even though I have the deepest sadness at the mindless slaughter of innocent civilians and children on both sides the solution rides on common sense on both sides and agreement by Hamas with the Israeli Government to broker a ceasefire until a final solution can be reached.

This will not be done until the Hamas terrorists stop launching rockets into Israel, as Israel will continue to retaliate to such acts regardless of the consequences to innocent civilians and vice versa.

Coun Peter Pringle, Lib Dem Ingol Ward

Time for leader to rethink role

Councillor Rankin, as the leader of Preston Council and the Labour group, I and all freedom loving people expect you to set an example when dealing with the delicate subject of race relations.

By favouring one racial minority over another you could have put back many years of hard work by sane minded people, from all shades of opinion and creed, to smooth race relation in the city.

Many people are saying the only reason you took the decision to raise the Palestinian flag was to court the votes of the Muslin community.

If that is the case you must hang your head in shame for committing one of the most reprehensible pieces of political gerrymandering the city has ever seen.

I believe there is only one course of action you must take, that is to resign from the council along with your fellow Labour councillors and call an election for a new council which can rule for all the people of a once Proud Preston.

Bernard Darbyshire, via e-mail

World needs to act on crisis

The Palestinian flag displayed briefly in front of Preston town hall last Friday represents an entity brought into being and kept in existence by violence, or the threat of violence, the inevitable consequence of the establishment in May 1948 of a religious state in former British Mandate of Palestine, because religious states are fundamentally anti-democratic for a simple reason: a democratic state must guarantee equality before the law for all citizens.

It is often argued there is a two-state solution to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, but the existence of two religious states would be a catastrophe while one religious and one secular state would see the conflict continue through violence. The exit from violence requires a democratic means of dealing with conflict and that must be a single, secular state, equality before the law for all citizens and freedom of belief, association and worship.

Needless to say, this is something the existing religious state is certain to resist.

It can be brought about, however, by international, democratic pressure because economic ruin and pariah status are not prices worth paying for the maintenance of a religious state.

Britain has an historic responsibility towards the region.

Flying a flag for a few minutes is a mere symbol, what is required is sustained, long-term, democratic pressure.

Everyone who believes in democracy and equality before the law should play a part in that.

Alan Dent,Ashton,Preston

Joys of youth in great outdoors

Steve Royle, like myself, enjoyed basic outdoor activities as a child, which created wonderful memories, and there is no reason why today’s children can’t do the same (LEP July 28).

All electronic gadgets have an off switch. We have a box full of bats, balls, kites, sand, buckets, spades, skipping ropes, chalks… the list is endless and this is what our children and now their children enjoy when they are with us.

Preston has award-winning parks and the Fylde coast is within easy reach so there is no excuse for children not getting out but it seems many parents don’t encourage it.

The culture of working parents probably restricts these activities , but for nearly 40 weeks of the year their children are entitled to a good education.

So come on parents, enhance your child’s education, spend some time with your children and introduce them to the wonders of the outdoors and back to basics activities.

Mrs Jo Ellis, Preston

Support local football club

As a young boy growing up in Frenchwood, Preston, Lancashire, England, Great Britain in the 1960s and 70s I would dream of playing for Preston North End, Lancashire Country Cricket club and my country of England at football and cricket.

Also of running for my country of Great Britain in the Olympics. Very innocent and simple yet romantic times. Spavin and co. playing for North End, Frank Hayes playing for Lancashire and England, David Emmery winning Gold for Great Britain in Mexico.

Banks, Moore, Wilson and Charlton (R) four world class players helping us win the World Cup. Now we are reduced to having plastic Scousers on the Sir Tom Finney stand supporting Liverpool FC with American owners. Prestonians playing for other countries at this, that and the other.

Thank goodness we still have the Flintoffs and many others Prestonians who still take pride in Preston, Lancashire, England and Great Britain.

Rant over but Big Dave of Longridge is spot on: please North End abandon the sham of “friendlies” with Amercian owned Liverpool FC. They do not care about us.

Graham Nelson, Preston