Reader’s letters - Wednesday August 13, 2014

Referee David Webb checks on Notts County's Roy Carroll during Saturday's game at Preston North End
Referee David Webb checks on Notts County's Roy Carroll during Saturday's game at Preston North End
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Don’t ask tough questions

Facing an unprecedented public backlash to their plans the shale gas exploitation company Cuadrilla, and the industry pressure group,the North West Energy Task Force has started a charm offensive to woo those who may have – as yet unrealised – vested interests in this industry and those members of the public who little realise the devastating effects this industry has had in North America,Canada and Australia.

Cuadrilla always state at the top of any letters they send to residents, “We’re committed to being a good neighbour and talking to local residents”, and have even begun “surgeries” at Elswick to discuss their plans with locals on a one-to-one basis.

This is provided you don’t ask them too many awkward questions and don’t publish their answers on the Internet for the general public to read,because apparently what they tell you about their operations is confidential and not for public consumption.

I attended the first of these surgeries and asked the company representative whether or not their plans to establish 120 shale gas sites in rural Fylde and Wyre meant the industrialisation of an agricultural/tourist area.

I was told each of the 120 sites planned would be the size of two football pitches. That equates to a site roughly every two miles in an area approximately 15 miles long by 15 miles wide in Fylde and Wyre. And, as in the NW Energy Task Force PR ,was told that hydraulic fracking has been going on in the UK for years without inciden, and used the example of Wytch Farm in Dorset.

To the uneducated, this would seem like an endorsement of Cuadrilla’s intentions.

However, whilst hydraulic fracking for gas has been an industry standard for many decades in the conventional gas industry, high volume, high pressure, slick water (a pseudonym for water which contains toxic chemicals ), hydraulic fracking in pursuit of unconventional gas sources has only been around for some 10 years and not in the UK. Comparing the two processes and presenting them to the public as the same and pretending there are no risks to the environment,the food chain and the health and welfare of any person living within a 10 mile radius of these sites is an industry led lie.

One of their stated intentions is to flare 10 metric tons of methane every day while flaring for months on end every time they frack a well. The effects of long term exposure to methane include agitation, slurred speech, nausea, vomiting, facial flushing, headaches, breathing and heart complications,coma and death(source: Health Protection Agency UK).

In North America,Canada and Australia families also report nose bleeds and a sudden loss of the use of their limbs. Is this the price the people of Fylde and Wyre should be forced to pay for Cuadrilla’s profits?

Andrew Barbour, Elswick

Clubs have duty to entertain

I had the misfortune to be at Deepdale for the first game of the season. It was an absolute disgrace!

Nottingham, fans, owner and management should be ashamed of that performance. Unfortunately I have purchased my season ticket for this season, if I have to watch much more of this school boy rubbish I will not be there next season.

The officials might as well not have been on the pitch. Carroll – brilliant keeper, attitude would be more suited to the kindergarden, along with half of the rest of his team.

One player was off the field rolling about, then decided to roll back on to the playing area to stop play!

Also, allow only the manager/coach and one bag man in the technical area, the rest the rest to be at least three rows back.

I come from a proper footballing era.

MO.BO, via e-mail

Life for killing a police officer

All serving and retired police officers, particularly those who have lost a family member whilst on duty, must feel a sense of outrage and total betrayal at the quartet of former top cops, the politically correct and liberal minded Messrs Condon, Blair, Dear and Paddick who all opposed the proposal by Home Secretary Theresa May during the debate in the House of Lords over Clause 24 of the Criminal justice Act that life should mean life for anyone convicted of killing a police officer.

In the absence of the death penalty cop killers should know that when they leave the dock they will never be freed. Whole life tariffs should mean exactly that. These four senior officers only sit in the House of Lords by virtue of having had the honour of wearing the same uniform as those who have given their lives protecting the communities they serve and for them to campaign against this welcome change in our legislation is an absolute disgrace.

Jim Oldcorn, Great Harwood

Parties hung up on inclusion

So, Baroness Lady Warsi accuses David Cameron of not having enough ethnic minority candidates in his Tory Government.

And the Tories won’t win an election outright until they show they have more people from ethnic minority backgrounds, cemented as candidates.

Do I detect a touch of jealousy here because she, herself, wasn’t promoted to a more senior cabinet position within the Tory party? Sounds to me like it is sour grapes.

But why are the political parties so obsessed with this policy of being ethnic minority friendly? You can’t force people against their will to be MPs and in today’s screwball political world who in their right minds would want to be a politician anyway?

Darryl Ashton, Blackpool

Apples needed for jelly maker

Has anyone got any Bramley apple trees and they don’t want the fruit. I make apple jelly, used to get apples from friends, but don’t any more. If you are in the Leyland area and can help me, give me a ring and we can have a chat. Please call Sheila on 01772 436016.

Sheila Norton, Leyland