Reader’s letters - Tuesday, September 8

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Refugees need compassion

Could I have it recorded how proud I am to be associated with the response of Preston Council and Preston Faith Forum to the statement welcoming families of Syrian refugees? The decision underpins the compassion that runs through both bodies. I expected some negative responses – but hoped it would be seen as a humanitarian response to a humanitarian disaster.

I would like to address some of the criticisms made.

Firstly, that the leader of the council didn’t consult before making this issue.

It is difficult to know how he was suppose to consult. Perhaps people could advise. Maybe some sort of referendum which would cost up to £50,000 and take many weeks to conduct?

The problem is happening today. A referendum is just not practically possible.

Coun Rankin was elected as a councillor to make decisions – like all elected representatives. He is leader because the majority of the council want him to be leader. It’s how delegated democracy works. No one consulted me on the bedroom tax or the hike in student fees.

If you are not happy about the decision don’t vote Labour – though all the political parties on the council support the decision so I don’t know who you would vote for.

Even the Sun newspaper supports Britain making a positive response.

Secondly, the nonsense that this is done to placate Islamic voters in Preston and the refugees are supporters of ISIS. I am far from expert on Middle East politics but I believe these people are fleeing Islamic states.

They are fleeing persecution and possible genocide by ISIS. These comments make no sense at all.

Thirdly, the idea that this should be an individual response and that, if you don’t take individual families, then this negates any positive collective support by the people of Preston for the council and Faith Forum initiative.

It is the responsibilities of us all to collectively deal with this tragedy. More can be achieved collectively. To place it as an individual responsibility which people can opt out off betrays the whole essence of one of the core British values of caring and responsibility for the vulnerable.

Fourthly, I don’t think some of the remarks disparaging this initiative are racist. I feel they are sad and shows a contempt for human suffering that betrays a lack of humanity. But I suspect some people would be like this whatever the ethnic origin of the people fleeing persecution and genocide. That’s their inadequacy and they must be pitied.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Don’t wish for one course of action unless you are prepared to have everyone else wish that course of action on yourself.

One day you might be fearing for your life from persecution in the country you live in. Protect others as one day you might need their protection. Would you like the boundaries of other countries to be closed to you? Would you like to be treated like a leper?

I think not – so don’t treat others like this.

Robert Boswell

Labour councillor – Tulketh Ward

Blair’s winning votes for Corbyn

Contrary to the opinion of the phantom page grazer, I am not a very political animal.

But I really enjoyed Mr Dawson’s letter (LEP September 2).

He described exactly in words the man that is Jeremy Corbyn.

Now I am not experienced enough in politics to know that his policies would ever be accepted by the party, but I am now sure he will win the leadership contest.


Not because of what he says, but the best recommendation he could get is the blasting he has had from Blair and Lord Mandelson.

If either of these two told me it was dark, I would go out and check.

Allan Fazackerley via email

Remembering Few and Many

The Morecambe & Lancaster Branch of the RAF Association will be holding its annual Battle of Britain Service on Sunday, September 20, at 6.30pm at St Barnabas Church, Regent Road, Morecambe.

At this service we customarily remember “The Few” who fought so bravely, and often died for the freedom of this country.

This year marks the 75th anniversary of this battle.

However, this year, and for the future, we are broadening the scope of the service to remember also “The Many”, who, in so many different ways, supported those brave pilots: the other two services, the Observer Corps, the ground crews, the emergency and medical services, civic authorities and, of course, the families back home who worried and suffered while their menfolk were away and when they didn’t return, and those who endured the Blitz which effectively changed the course of the Battle.

We will remember them.

The High Sheriff of Lancashire, the Mayor of Lancaster and a number of town and city councillors have already accepted our invitation, and there will be representatives from the 
cadet and ex-service organisations.

Light refreshments will be available, following the 

All are welcome to attend.

Jane Latin,


Morecambe & Lancaster RAF Association

Charlton still beats Rooney

Well done to Wayne Rooney for equalling the record of goals scored for England which has been held by Sir Bobby Charlton. I’m not a fan of Wayne Rooney, I just thought I’d give him this credit.

However, Sir Bobby Charlton has still got the very highest accolade which English football has to offer – of being part of an England football team which has actually WON the World Cup – this is something which Wayne Rooney, and his footballing team mates will, (in his footballing lifetime) never be able to equal or beat. And this also applies to England never winning the football European Championships. But we do live in hope!

Darryl Ashton, Blackpool