Reader’s letters - Tuesday October 28, 2014

To the dogs?: One reader reckons too much has been let go in Preston including the bus station
To the dogs?: One reader reckons too much has been let go in Preston including the bus station
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The small details count

Every so often, the LEP. prints something about Preston City Council that annoys me to my very core.

The latest item that raises my hackles, is the £14m cost of repairs to Preston bus station (October 24).

When I think of all the money that the council has seemed to have specialised in wasting over recent years to pursue grandiose pipe dreams rather than addressing the basics, I tend to wonder what they class as priority spending with our money.

The money wasted over the Tithebarn Project and the fight to demolish the station, would probably have paid for a well maintained bus station and had enough cash left over to sort out the derelict properties on Church Street.

But no. They constantly dream of `The Big Picture` and totally forget that it is made up of small details.

When an `improvement` is created in Preston, it is to create a pedestrianised area for vehicles.

I expect that sometime in the near future, the L.E.P. will be reporting on the first accident/fatality.

Why has Preston gone so badly to the dogs in recent years and will it, can it, ever recover ?

Jim Walker,


Economy is significant

In her letter ( October 20) Seema Kennedy, in a sort of official capacity, predictably but quite correctly drew public attention to some good news for the economy.

I have no interest in party politics, the rhetoric largely passes me by, I haven’t voted in an election of any sort for over 50 years and well before that I tired of Punch and Judy except in a seaside context.

Accordingly I tend not to comment on such matters, or much else for that matter, but Seema’s letter provided a hook for a comment about the parliamentary election process now in train.

Some bright spark once observed, with a remarkable degree of insight and truth “it’s the economy stupid”.

Whether the ‘stupid’ was actually said or added for effect, as it is in the acronym KIS (keep it simple) others can confirm but the significant fact of life is the economy.

Our country is often referred to as UK plc and the economy likened to a super tanker.

From my extremely simple perspective, there could be no better course than ‘steady as she goes’ for the foreseeable.

I just cannot understand how anyone could be persuaded to turn the clock back to the status quo ante the crash.

Fulwood Resident

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Airport closure a crying shame

What a crying shame that the doors to the UK’s most friendliest airport at Blackpool has had to close!

To thousands of passengers from Lancashire, Yorkshire and even Southern Scotland it was the handiest way to take off from these shores and seek the sun.

Especially to the elderly it was so handy, hassle free with plenty of free parking.

I would have thought with their constant goings on about lack of “slots” at all their major airports BAA would have jumped at the opportunity to grab all the vacant ones now at Blackpool, especially now that they are having to accommodate all the defunk Blackpool ones.




Scotland is a place we need

Earlier this year there was a referendum and by a majority vote Scotland reached to be part of Great Britain with England – I feel that the following facts should be considered by all British people:

Though in our long ago past both the English and Scottish have fought vicious wars and battles against each other many good things have resulted from our relationship together and I believe as an Englishman myself that England would not be where she is today both politically and socially in Europe and the rest of the world without Scotland as her strong companion in Great Britain.

Ordinary down to earth folk, ie the average workman have in times of necessity and hardship worked hard and fought to keep both industry together and look after their families besides helping others in need.

This has happened (in both Scotland and England and both have shown strong spirit to survive when things in life have become tough and challenging.

Further to this Scotland has a lot of the finest engineers who alongside some English engineers have produced and invented incredible feats of technology ie George Stephenson designed the first most effective steam powered train, John Logie Baird created the first television system, Keleigh developed the absolute temperature scale, and Napier (with the help from another mathematician from England invented logarithms.

Eventually from these we have phenomenal developments in travel and communications which includes the internet.

These are just a few items which have flourished well throughout Scotland and England and if both nations were to suddenly become separate this would be very sad in light the above explained.

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Hospital staff deserve credit

Two weeks ago, whilst on holiday in the Lake District, I was taken severely ill, necessitating emergency admission to Royal Lancaster Infirmary.

I was incredibly impressed with every aspect of my treatment and all staff with whom I came into contact during my four day stay on the Acute Surgical Unit.

I would like to express my deep gratitude to all concerned and sing the praises of this institution, which has received a bad press in the past, but saved my life a fortnight ago.

Priscilla Dunclaf, Bolton