Reader’s letters - Tuesday October 14, 2014

Future: What designers say Fishergate will look like once the work is completed
Future: What designers say Fishergate will look like once the work is completed
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Heritage is being eroded

I wonder if I am the only person who is concerned regarding the visible demise of our once proud market town of Preston.

I refuse to call it a city because we do not have the infrastructure and investment plus the history and traditions which make up a city.

We do however have a proud heritage of trading and commerce which is slowly being eroded by the policies of Preston’s Labour dominated council.

We could have been a city if the regeneration promised by the Tithebarn project had come about but due to local council dithering and LCC meddling we were left high and dry.

The present work in Fishergate which the County Council decided to instigate without sufficient public consultation is another shining example of the arrogant approach so often used by them and the complaints re the layout of the scheme, lack of proper junction controls and the time taken to complete the work are numerous.

We now have cracked paving flags to add to the argument so perhaps we can compare the cracked flags with crackpot politicians who devised the scheme.

Any decision to regenerate Preston should be left to Prestonians and not to a Council where the majority of members do not come from Preston and there fore have little interest in Preston.

Norman Abram, Cottam

Keep up the good work PNE

I wrote earlier in the football season about the distinct lack of entertainment served up by Notts County.

To counter that, may I say that North Ends 4-2 win over Colchester Utd last Saturday was entertainment from start to finish.

Great credit has go to Colchester for their commitment to ‘entertain’ which they did in abundance. Sadly for them, it proved a fruitless trip to Deepdale but I just hope that their style of play brings them success (but not against the whites).

North End, 11 goals in the last 4 league games, is good going and I believe, its now 19 games since we last failed to score.

Deepdale and entertain are going hand in hand at the moment and long way it continue.

Well done to all at North End....keep it up!!!

Alan Smith, Fulwood

Another lost phone friend

As you get into old age, you don’t always have the same contacts as years gone by, which is saying how much I appreciate the nice people whom I’ve never met, who incessantly ring me.

They have kindly offered me rates reduction, a new boiler, loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, thermal panels and many other things. Above and beyond that, kind folks, apparently from the Indian sub continent are also regular callers. They want to update my computer, help me repay the first £5,000 of debts and assist me in recouping losses from the car accident which I’ve had in the past two years.

Now, surprisingly for me, I’ve not always been very polite to some of these lovely folk, so I thought, next time, try. So to make my last call into a more friendly chat, I thought, well, she seems to think I’ve had a crash, so we’ll chat about it. I asked how she’d heard of my “accident” and she told me they had “their information”.

So I recounted some imaginary crash to see if she would tell me I was being silly, but no, she encouraged me to go on. She finally lost patience when I told her I’d been killed outright at the scene. After all we’d been through together, she slammed the phone down on me! Another lost friend.

Allan Fazackerley, Penwortham

UKIP are the Aldi of politics

The world is in turmoil, nothing is certain anymore and the pundits are as disconnected as the politicians and in this

erratic maelstrom of ever changing loyalties the impossible has been proven possible by the once unlikely duo of Aldi and Lidl who, with incredible timing, have taken on the once big four supermarkets and won.

Surely then, there must be those who can readily, albeit reluctantly, visualise a time when a once unlikely Nigel Farage and his equally unlikely party UKIP will do precisely the same thing to the once big three political parties.

Joseph Dawson, Chorley

Be careful what you wish for

How wonderful to hear that the Barratt proposals for 520 houses have been rejected by Longridge Town council... a victory for common sense and councillors who are listening to people they represent.

Can you imagine the chaos that would ensue from traffic congestion alone on Derby Road and Chipping Road if this were built?

Last week, we heard that the cricket club officials were having further discussions with Barratt about the future of the site and possibly new facilities for the club.

I would urge those officials to be careful what they wish for and draw their attention to what happened down the road in Grimsargh.

When the Tunbrook estate was at planning stage, I remember a lot of opposition to it, as we had hoped we would have a football pitch behind the community village hall, not housing.

I was part of the GRAFT group which had been instrumental in raising money for the village hall and we said at the time that we needed a pitch for the youngsters down there.

“No worries” cried Redrow developers, “when we’ve built the estate we’ll build you a brand new football pitch.”

As far as I am aware, they are still waiting, for the pitch never materialised.

Don’t be deceived by the property developers, they will offer sweeteners for whatever you want, it’s another matter whether they will deliver their promises.

Sandie Hamer, Longridge

Sandie Hamer, Longridge