Reader’s letters - Tuesday June 24, 2014

The Pickerings, in Catterall, which is due to be knocked down for housing (see letter)
The Pickerings, in Catterall, which is due to be knocked down for housing (see letter)
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Advent of City of Garstang

According to the 2001 Census, we had 777 dwellings in Catterall Parish and 10 years later this had risen to 930, ie an increase of 153 dwellings, many of which were built on former industrial land.

We are now being asked to accommodate the majority of 200 new homes off Joe Lane in Catterall and Claughton.

This is the equivalent of 10 years’ development, at a stroke, and the sad part is the homes are to be built on socially valuable green fields.

Wyre Council’s planning policy, SP6, states that “ development pressures (in Catterall) should be controlled and managed through consolidation and expansion, appropriate to their size and form”.

Is the building of 200 homes appropriate in size and form for Catterall? I suspect we all know the eventual outcome of these proposals, as Wyre Borough’s planning decisions are bizarre at the best of times – we all know the fate of our fine heritage building, The Pickerings.

Perhaps Wyre Borough should modify its planning policy to protect green spaces and heritage buildings, particularly at this time when it’s “open season” for town planning consultants in Nateby, Catterall and Claughton. They obviously see us as a soft touch and merely a housing overspill for the future City of Garstang.

Joe Lane, Catterall

Charity should seek new land

In response to the article ‘Care centre’s £8m new development withdrawn’ (LEP June 16). I have been a supporter of Sue 
Ryder Care centre at Cuerden Hall, since I came to live at Cuerden nearly 15 years ago.

I have donated to their shops, coffee shop, barn sales, donated furniture to them, attended car boot sales, etc, because I believe they do great work in caring for those clients they specialise in caring for. I, too, have had members in my family who have suffered terminal illness and can fully understand Cuerden Hall is now no longer fit for purpose as a care home – not unlike the many other stately halls Lady Sue 
Ryder transformed into care homes across the country.

Perhaps if the Sue Ryder care planning applicant and the consultants he employs could have done a lot more research about this part of Chorley’s history and heritage, they may have thought twice about submitting the plans on the area they wished to build on. If the Sue Ryder Care Foundation can afford to build an £8m facility for the people who may need this care then why could they not have bought a piece of suitable land?

Yes, the land they wish to build on is theirs, but it’s part of the Green Belt, historical woodland and wildlife habitats plus a large part of Chorley’s heritage; not an ideal site for a building.

The planning applicant at this charity has already spent £100,000 submitting the plans, along with planning consultant fees, plus all the reports of which there are many.

They have now chosen to withdraw the application, not because of people objecting against it being built on the woodland, or the fact there are concerns by many wildlife and other organisations, it’s because they now realise they haven’t done their homework and are having to go back to the drawing board! What on earth is going on here and what would Lady Sue Ryder be thinking now?

Resident of Cuerden, name and address supplied

Weed out all of the Freemasons

I read in a Sunday newspaper that the Pope has excommunicated the mafia from the Catholic church. He should have gone one step further and excommunicated all the Freemasonic Bishops and Cardinals etc. in the Vatican. Now that would be headline news!

Name and address supplied

Plea for help on missing family

We need help from the people of Leyland and surrounding area to find some family members – a mother and half-sister – before time runs out for a seriously-ill man.

I am looking for Elizabeth Thorington and her daughter Suzie (Suzanne) Hooley. Colin Hooley is Suzie’s father last known in Leyland.If you can contact them as soon as possible and pass on my email address ( or call us and leave a message (on 01666 822301) with any information we would be eternally grateful.

This is a matter of urgency so please don’t delay. We have exhausted all other options and this is our last hope.

Karen Davie, via email

Looking for old soldier details

I am a volunteer working on behalf of the Museum of Lancashire, researching the men on the First World war memorial in what was St Mary’s Church.

Are you a relative of

William Rowland Boast? William is buried at Aveluy Communal Cemetery in France and in 2011 a message was left there by his grandchildren in memory of


I would like to share the information I have gathered and hope you may provide further details of William who died in 1915 whilst serving with Preston’s own North Lancs Regiment.

Please contact me by e mail via patc23@

Pat Gudgeon, via e-mail

Pigeon plague is a real menace

While I agree prison is probably not the right place for the Birdman of Morecambe, I can only feel sympathy for Sharon Knight and her family (letters June 23).

We have a pigeon problem in a derelict building on the Back Crescent, Morecambe – the council has been informed some months ago.

The noise is constant day and night. The mess is always there and there is no point in trying to clean it up; it’s back within


If the protestors had to live with a pigeon problem on their doorstep they would think


Mrs Bradshaw, Morecambex