Reader’s letters - Tuesday August 5, 2014

Preston boxer Scott Fitzgerald after receiving the Men's Welterweight gold medal
Preston boxer Scott Fitzgerald after receiving the Men's Welterweight gold medal
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Sad at racist undercurrent

Reading many letters and blogs concerning the flying of the Palestinian flag outside the town hall,I’m struck by the fact racism is, at times, a hidden factor in the correspondence.

That saddens me very much. Preston has a generally tolerant local populus, with very little trouble compared with other areas of Lancashire.

I was on holiday at the time of the rally,so could not take part,but I’m fully supportive of the council leader and the cabinet member for communities and the environment in his decision of fly the flag.

I’m also supportive of the staff in the council’s contact centre who have had to endure abusive phone calls and even people coming in and shouting at them. This is totally unacceptable.

As someone who lived in Israel for many years ago and has more recently visited Palestine’s West Bank with a Preston delegation, I would do anything to bring an end to the humanitarian disaster in Gaza.

Israel punches above its true weight because it is supported by the US government which wants to keep a power base in the Middle East. John Kerry blamed Israel for the collapse of peace talks a short time ago. Why should it look for peace when the alternative is continue to build settlements agogo as the nation goes like topsy.

If instead of critical statements, if President Obama pulled the cash we would soon see a change in Israel’s behaviour. Of course he won’t and the tragedy continues as a consequence. This paragraph is a personal opinion and is not necessarily shared by every member of the council’s Labour group.

John Browne, Brookfield, Preston

No closer to a breakthrough

Yigal Levine’s views were not shared by at least 5,000 of her compatriots in the recent mass protest in Tel Aviv; nor by significant numbers in the UK, including the leader of the Reform Judaism movement in Britain, Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner, who, in an interview in The Guardian, said she was “completely heartbroken” about the situation in Gaza and felt “empathy for both sides” .

I am sorry that Mrs Levine’s grandchild should have to be taught to lie on the kindergarten floor, but even more so for the hundreds of children , whose bodies, shattered by Israeli shells and bombs, strewed the floors of schools that Israel had agreed should be UN sanctuaries.

She spoke of “selectivity”. Why? When NATO powers use military force and sanctions against countries they deem guilty of only a fraction of Israel’s crimes, and the USA continues to bankroll Israel and supply it with so many highly sophisticated armaments, including nuclear weapons?

Not surprisingly, when action was taken by the west to establish in Palestine a territory for immigrant foreigners, this was bound to create a situation unacceptable to the indigenous Arab population.

However, even so, early in 2000 it seemed the PLO, and Israeli leader Ariel Sharon might be prepared to agree to a two state Palestine, but the nationalists of the Israeli extreme right-wing Likud party would not agree. So Israel’s occupation of the West Bank,seven year blockade of the Gaza Strip, and the displacement of 1.25 million Palestinian Arabs in refugee camps will continue.

Ron Atkins, Preston

Red Rose glory to treasure

I seem to recall Yorkshire boasting of its Olympic successes two years ago so a well done to all of Lancashire’s many Commonwealth Games winning medallists.

It has been a great to see so many smiling faces from this region on the podium.

Name and address supplied

Remembrance at conflict time

Whilst in the Middle East one country seeks to reduce a city to rubble and in the process kill innocent women and children the good old US of A seeks to lessen the crisis by allowing that country access to a billion

dollars worth of arms. How’s that for diplomacy?

However, I’d hoped that on Monday August the 4th we would all remember all our Fallen when the commencement of the First World War was commemorated. Wherever there is a War Memorial, stop for a moment and think. John Maxwell Edmonds wrote what became known as the Kohima Epitaph.

‘When You Go Home,

Tell Them Of Us

For Their Tomorrow

We Gave Our Today’

Will humankind ever learn?

Gerard Parke-Hatton, Broughton

Time memorial was corrected

With this year being the 100th anniversary of World war One I feel it would be a good time to eventually rectify an error on the roll of honour which is situated on the wall by the staircase in the Harris Library.

My Uncle Carnie died in France in World War One on September 27 1915 aged 19 (Hugh Carnegie Rain, Private 13019) and is buried at Abbeville Communal Cemetery, Somme, France.

The roll of honour in question is inscribed H C Pain (not Rain). Surely enough time has elapsed to correct this mistake and it was time he was given the honour and remembrance he deserves in his correct name.

I think that the last memories of these young men, the Preston Pals, were the films taken by my grandad Hugh Rain when they were all kitted out and leaving Preston to go and fight for their country.

Many of them, like my Uncle Carnie, (his son) never to return to their loved ones again.

Mrs M D Coates, Preston

Stories of our wartime heroes

I have just picked up a copy of the Evening Post’s Lancashire At War magazine and just wanted to write say how interesting I found it to be.

The war seems so long ago but the stories of those men from our area who fought in the war bring home the amazing heroism of those sent to the frontline.

M Roberts, Fulwood