Reader’s letters - Tuesday 21 January 2014

Stormy weather on Morecambe Promenade
Stormy weather on Morecambe Promenade
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Watch out for costly scam

Having read your article about cyber scams (LEP January 17), I would like to report such an experience while completing an online self-assessment tax 
return on January 12.

Having logged on to what I believed to be the correct website, obtained via a reputable search engine, I input necessary information and was asked to pay £500 towards outstanding income tax and that printed details of total owed would be sent in due course and the balance asked for. I did pay the required amount by debit card and awaited a response.

During the next few hours there was no response and I began to suspect a scam had taken place. I contacted my bank and was told they could not stop the payment which I find amazing.

The next working day I contacted Inland Revenue to report the incident and was told others had suffered in the same way and that they were looking into it.

I also contacted the police who advised me a fraud had taken place and they too were investigating similar incidents.

Lesson learned, don’t use search engine, type in full published website address.

Name and address supplied

Europe debate letting UKIP in

We are once again engulfed in the argument about when the Electorate should be given a referendum concerning our continuing membership of the EU, recently re-ignited by the expected Bulgarian and Romanian immigration problem.

The realisation that we cannot change our EU Treaty 
obligations which previous 
Governments have signed us up to (without bothering to seek the electorate’s permission), is now apparent.

PM Cameron, who promised us ‘a cast iron guarantee’ of such a referendum and the tightening of our border controls on immigration, prior to the last election,now claims he can now re-negotiate better conditions for our continuing membership, in spite of the demonstrable failure by many previous governments to achieve such.

His promise of a referendum, should the Conservatives be re-elected will likewise be treated with the healthy scepticism now reserved for all politician’s ‘promises’.

The failure of the EU to recognise that the UK cannot continue to absorb unknown thousands from the EU Superstate seeking jobs and benefits here, to the detriment of our own youth and housing provision, has been forcibly recognised by the majority of the electorate as only resolvable by our withdrawal from the EU.

We can see other nations such as Switzerland and Norway (EU non members) more prosperous than we are, while still enjoying trading within the EU and the rest of the world, but with no restrictions from Brussels.

Little wonder that UKIP is now being recognised as the only political party likely to deliver us from the stranglehold of the EU and their continuous flow of ridiculous laws and enforced changes to our centuries old democratic way of life, which our own Parliament is powerless to change. Most cannot now remember that in 1975 when we voted as a nation to join the EU we are now embroiled in but from which we cannot escape.

E J Tilley, via e-mail

Sea defences a true God send

I watched the very high tide on January 3 and the waves break over Morecambe prom.I am grateful to God for the brilliant flood defences Morecambe has, and for the city council and the individuals who planned, 
organised and built them.

A huge thank you to all who helped to stop my house and hundreds of others from being flooded in these recent storms.

Gerry Straker, Pastor, 
Church by the Bay

Thursday is Top of the Pops

Well, what a delight it is to tune into BBC 4 on a Thursday evening and to enjoy the musical talents of yesteryear’s pop stars.

Yes, this musical extravaganza is a trip back down memory lane – when I, for, one used to dance away in the local disco and clutching my very trendy


Top of the Pops 1979. Even my flares which now, thankfully, are long gone I do still admire them for the very happy memories.

And as for the tobacco? I now very proudly nibble on that “candy baccy” - Spanish Gold, sweet coconut tobacco. Well done to BBC 4. Keep up with this musical back-in-time treat.

Darryl Ashton, Blackpool

Snow show was a treat for town

Congratulations to everyone involved in the wonderful

production of the Snow White pantomime at CADOS.

We enjoyed the show so much, young and old alike.

Chorley should be very proud to have such a great theatre, it is a great asset to our community.

Thank you one and all and good luck for 2014.

Pat McKenna, via email

Get together for class of ‘94

Do you remember when Joe bandaged his face with Sellotape? Did you go on the Duke of Edinburgh expedition when Richard singed his eyebrows with a trangia?

Were you holding the bucket when Mr Sudworth got soaked on the rope slide at Lakeside?

Did you enjoy eating nothing but carrots and cheese triangles in Le Touquet?

It’s 20 years since Mr Brownridge’s class of 1994 left Pleckgate School, and we are arranging a reunion for our year group.

It will take place at 7.30pm on 3 May in Blackburn Northern Tennis Club off Pleckgate Road, Blackburn, next to the old school.

Tickets are priced at £5 and are available through (search ‘Pleckgate’).

To find out more about the event, please visit our facebook page, email or call Ruth on 07887732547.

Ruth Ainsworth, via e-mail