Reader’s letters - Tuesday 08 April 2014

TV's Fern Britton during the 2012 Preston Passion rehearsal on the green next to the Guild Hall
TV's Fern Britton during the 2012 Preston Passion rehearsal on the green next to the Guild Hall
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Cashing in on young fans

I admit to being stupidly naive. I thought that all those bright-eyed children stepping out so proudly as club mascots, clutching the hands of the players were there as guests of the club, perhaps because a relative was a loyal member of a supporters’ club or a long-standing,season ticket holder.

Not so! They are victims of cynical exploitation by the clubs which see the opportunity to make money by charging for the experience .

This is yet another example of the crass commercialism which sets excessive prices for replica kit and will not accept criticism for so doing. Is North End so strapped for cash that it cannot afford to reward loyalty and thus attract more support?

Joan Higginson, Preston

Car problems were predicted

I am writing to express how appalled I am concerning the total disregard by all agencies involved in the situation that has arisen in the vicinity of Birch Avenue, Ashton, Preston.

Contrary to numerous representations and protests at the outset, permission was given for the building of the The Park Medical Practice on nearby Cottam Lane with assurances there would be more than adequate parking provided.

This however has not been the case. Double yellow lines were introduced to Cottam Lane and at the entrance to Birch Ave itself which has exacerbated the problems for residents lower down Birch Ave.

Birch Avenue is a narrow road with numerous drives serving mainly bungalows and mostly elderly residents including my parents.

Complaints and requests for immediate intervention too numerous to mention, have been ignored and the situation is becoming out of control especially as no-one attends when the problems are prevalent.

This morning I arrived to pick up my mother and was faced with cars double-parked down the road and opposite drive-ways. I could only just negotiate the gap, neither an ambulance, fire engine nor indeed the waste-collection vehicle would have been able to gain access.

Having got through to my parents’ house there was nowhere for me to park and I didn’t have manoeuvring room to get on their drive resulting in a longer walk for my mother.

I immediately telephoned the police whose representative was totally disinterested and of no assistance “the cars were not illegally parked” and to “contact the council”.

Advice from the council has always been to “contact the police”. I think this situation is known as passing the buck. I believe on one occasion representatives from the council came to observe the problem but came when the health centre was closed – most efficient!

Mrs C Hitchen, via e-mail

Bus station as a city catalyst

It was good news that Preston bus station was saved. What I feel is needed now is a high-quality overhaul which keeps the spirit of the original structure but modernises it for future needs.

And I think a way forward for this is to have a Royal Institute of British Architects design competition.

I think the competition should also include the area between the station and Lancaster Road and the green pocket park next to the Guild Hall.

Integrating the station to the markets in a better way including perhaps some additional development like leisure and apartments and green areas in-between would make for a successful scheme with activity in the day and at night.

There’s sure to be a lot of interest and ideas for this area so let’s have a quality scheme with a mix of uses.

S Webberley, Preston

Rope madness echoes the war

The headline, “Rope peril for cyclist” (LEP April 1) takes me back 69 years when I was “Don R” (motorcyclist) in the army in Germany.

We had landed in Germany shortly after D Day the previous June and after making our way slowly up through France, Belgium and Holland, we finally crossed the German border and everything changed.

Gone were the happy smiling faces, to be replaced by sour looking ones and we bikers now had a new danger to face, this was a length of wire or rope stretched across roads by the so called werewolves and, although I was fortunately never injured, we did hear that other riders had been. It’s beyond belief that somebody here thinks it’s good fun to do such a stupid thing and hopefully they will get their justly deserved punishment.

Cyril Parkinson, Fulwood

Pothole misery for three years

In Haig Avenue, Leyland, the road looks like a moth-eaten quilt, with all the patching up from School Lane up to Bannisten Drive.

The hundreds and hundreds of cars on the road, plus the rise every year in car tax, makes me wonder where all this money is going, it does not seem to be spent on the roads.

Haig Avenue has been in this state since the first long snow period we had in 2010 and 2011. People like me with back pain find it very painful to drive along the street. It’s bad enough with the traffic humps without all these potholes. Maybe one day something will be done, we hope.

Mrs B Vickers, Leyland

UKIP given far too much voice

UKIP have no councillors on Preston Council, no councillors on Lancashire County Council, no members of the House of Commons in Parliament. As Michael Heseltine says, they are a pressure group.

The Deputy PM made a massive mistake agreeing to debate with Nigel Farage. UKIP play on people’s worst fears and nightmares of an England that never existed and will never exist.

In this so called Christian country they are cut from the same cloth as any organisation who are so far from the values of Jesus ie “love your neighbour”.

Rev Graham Nelson, Preston