Reader’s letters - Thursday September 11, 2014

Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond pictured at a press conference in Edinburgh
Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond pictured at a press conference in Edinburgh
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Strengthening Tory hand

As we draw closer to the Scottish referendum the polls are signalling a ‘Yes’ vote so it seems Cameron’s memoriam is likely to be his presiding over the disintegration of the UK.

Everyone thought the important impending referendum was on the UK continuing as members of the EU but that now looks likely to be eclipsed by the absolute financial chaos which will result to both England’s and Scotland’s economies by this now anticipated result.

Whether it will prove to be a totally disastrous decision for Scotland, only time will tell, but it is an irreversible one which will also adversely effect the remainder of the once UK.

Although this would prove to be a totally unexpected ‘game changer’ for any winner of the next general election, we shall all be left wondering how such a result could have been reached without the remainder of the once united UK having any say in the matter.

Our once international reputation as a united functioning democracy will also take a severe knock reducing still more our worldwide influence.

There is, of course, another school of thought which claims that Cameron has deliberately granted this referendum into the hands of Scottish National Party, suspecting that they may well be successful in breaking the Union.

This would then cut off a country having no Conservative Party representation, or ever likely to have, but would also deprive the socialists of a considerable Scottish Parliamentary presence, reducing their possible numbers thus greatly increasing the possibility of a future Tory Government in a much reduced three nation country.

The deviousness of politicians desiring to remain in office, at any cost, knows no bounds.

Totally unprovable of course, but an interesting theory which casts some light on what would appear to be the real reason why this seemingly barmy referendum was allowed in the first place.

E J Tilley, Chorley

Blocked plans a welcome move

I read with interest planning permission for the building of seven houses in Kellet Lane, Bamber Bridge, has been rejected on the grounds that such construction would have, ‘A detrimental impact on the local scene and would seriously detract from the distinctiveness of the area’ (LEP September 4)

A wise and profound statement indeed and one I’m sure every resident in the local area would heartily endorse.

However, one thing perplexes me, and I’m sure the thought is echoed by many residents of this area, that if seven houses are considered by our local council to be such a blot on the local landscape, how come they have sanctioned the building of hundreds of dwellings not a stone’s throw from Kellet Lane?

Now if only the planning bosses who made the Kellet Lane decision had applied similar logic to the gargantuan development, which is destined to be built off neighbouring Brindle Road, then perhaps the area could have retained at least some of its semi-rural character.

Although I applaud the latest decision, I can’t help but reflect that this planning rejection falls into the category of ‘too little, too late’ for the residents of this particular area of Bamber Bridge.

Derek Rogerson, Bamber Bridge

Names for the missing players

Regarding the photograph of Springfield football team sent in by Harry Wilkinson (looking back September 4).

I think the two unknown players are Alan Edwards and F Wignall.

The year was 1964. Sadly, some of the team are no longer

Alec Robinson, via e-mail

Pay rise joy for out of touch

Here we go again - the pigs are well and truly milking the gravy train and now their snouts will again be firmly embedded in the tough!

It has been proposed Members of Parliament are to get another nine per cent pay rise and, as they all say they don’t want it, they allege they are being “forced” to take it!

As they set the rules for others , and that giving anyone else a pay rise is against their own parliamentary religion and hammering the disabled people by taking their benefits away from them, it seems the dire economic times we are all experiencing do not apply to MPs.

While folk are losing their jobs and being made redundant most people are truly tightening their own belts and yet it seems MPs don’t seem to be suffering at all.

Nick Clegg, David Cameron, Ed Miliband and even Nigel Farage, are all saying their proposed pay increase is not justified - well, for once - I agree with them.

But isn’t this just an insult to us mere mortals who all seem to be forced to tighten our household expenditure.

But, believe me, when I go shopping at the supermarkets I always wish I could act like an MP and when I reach the till and just say I’m a parliamentary candidate, pack up my goodies and calmly walk off leaving the rather bemused taxpayers to pick up my food bill?

After all if you can’t beat them one might as well join the house of corruption and be an MP then everything shall be free.

Yes, I know, I can dream!

Darryl Ashton, Blackpool

Kindness of mystery donor

My son gradually lost the sight of his right eye. A very worrying time. However, thanks to the thoughtfulness of someone somewhere by donating the cornea of an eye he has now had a successful operation and slowly his sight is returning.

We will never know who made this possible but anyone related to a donor reads this I hope this brings re-assurance and comfort for them in their grief. Please be encouraged to sign a donation card or make your wishes known to your family.

You will be a blessing to many including this grateful mum and son. Thank you.

Name and address supplied.