Reader’s letters - Thursday October 16, 2014

Terms questioned: Eddie Stevenson's injuries
Terms questioned: Eddie Stevenson's injuries
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Sentences ‘too lenient’

I read your front page article “disabled man hit with his own stick” and was appalled to learn of the most brutal and lengthy attack on Mr Stevenson and his daughter, both frail and vulnerable citizens who were set upon by the two Davies brother. This was an act of sustained grievous bodily harm not actual bodily harm and should have been treated as such.

The court jailed Malachi Davies for 20 months for actual bodily harm, which I find far too lenient when one considers the brutal and lengthy time it involved.

As regard brother Micha who was given 20 month jail sentence suspended for two years. It is unbelievable when you learn that he kicked the back of Stevenson’s head and back which could have caused serious damage and in fact has resulted in him being severely traumatised.

Viewing all the events taken into account I would like to question the residing court officials who pronounced these sentences, which I believe were far too lenient and would like to know on what grounds they treated these sentences with such leniency.

I would welcome their reply to this letter

Bryan Young, Longton

Laughing their lederhosen off

So, the NHS provides tablets now for those of us who drink too much beer or too many units of wine.

How the Bavarians must be laughing their lederhosen off, and their compatriots in the Rhineland, and their European neighbours!

And here we are, stranded, marooned on our North Atlantic wind and rain swept island.

Robin Parker, Clitheroe

Embrace your womanliness

I was interested in the letter from OAP, Letters, October 6th, regarding feminism and the Catholic Church.

Ladies, our femininity is an assignment from God. It is how God created us. It is a character that is imprinted deeply upon us, which is made apparent in our physical bodies, and by how we speak, act and dress.

We were not created men. We were created to be women! And we must be strong women - in accord with God’s Will for us.

Women help men by developing their emotions and manners, so that men can balance out their analytical nature.

Men, however, bring stability to a woman’s world. Since they don’t take their feelings quite so seriously as we take ours, men can help us women look at things in a more practical way.

We should bring to life our womanliness, which in turn will let our men magnify their masculinity. After all, in the normal scheme of things, a man is attracted to a woman, not to another guy. Opposites attract! And principled men are quick to encourage women to be proud of that which God created them to be - namely, women!

Some of these older women are throwbacks to the 60’s and 70’s, young women today don’t want this sort of feminism.

A final note, I would just like to say that the letters section of a family newspaper is not really the place to debate feminism. There are many good books on the subject, in particular, Feminism v Mankind, or, of course, you could read Dr. Alice von Hildebrand.

M Clitheroe via email

Decision makes you wonder

On considering the apparently lunatic decision of Ribble Valley Borough Council to permit building development on land adjacent to Parsonage Avenue in Ribchester, one is bound to wonder whether greater devolution of powers locally is such a good idea after all.

Christopher Freeman, Ribchester

Let’s look up instead of down

Here we go again – Councillor Abram whingeing about the Fishergate road works.

This is a massive project to improve the safety and lives of the people and visitors to Preston.

A project that was obviously going to create problems but the end result will be a shopping area to be proud of and enhance the safety of all.

Of course traffic lights had to be removed and as far as I am concerned pollution which was created by standing traffic at the lights is now minimal even though traffic moves through slowly. As the project has proceeded people have become noticeably more considerate and respectful to each other, pedestrians, drivers and businesses.

A nice comment to the workmen who are working in the middle of all this chaos for the good job they are doing brings a wave and a good-humoured smile of thanks.

If everyone smiled more and looked at the good as well as the bad the world and Preston would be a far better place to live.

Perhaps Councillor Abram should make a note that she represents a rural area Lea and Cottam whilst County Councillor John Fillis Cabinet member for the Environment represents the whole of Lancashire with 7,000kms of roads not just Preston roads which includes Fishergate. His portfolio includes 200 services, street lighting,transport,130kms of cycle tracks,trading standards to name just a few.

Let us all think positive instead of negative, we have had a beautiful summer, autumn is beautiful

Look up instead of down.

The wheels on the Orbit bus go round and round past Councillor Abram’s house. I suggest she leaves her car at home and uses her NOW card when visiting Preston and waits quietly until Fishergate is completed.

It will be wonderful to walk and shop using the wide pavements when the work is finally completed.

Nora Ward, Cottam

‘Still no answer to my question’

There has been a distinct lack of response from Peter Rankin to my letter (LEP, Sept 23) asking if he would promise to scrap his policy of taxing empty, unfurnished properties.

As he described the ‘bedroom tax’ as unfair, I asked the same question of Ed Miliband a week ago, as to the relative unfairness of both policies. So far there has been a deafening silence from both leaders. Politicians are always claiming they want the Public’s views, but not it seems when they don’t like the questions.

Denis Lee, Ashton