Reader’s letters - Thursday May 22, 2014

Traffic misery on the M55 approaching Broughton
Traffic misery on the M55 approaching Broughton
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Traffic needs a fresh look

At 10 to 6 last night I crossed the M55 at Bartle and saw the usual Sunday evening tailback to the M6 at Broughton was under the road bridge and therefore to the point where the new road is planned to join. As a gambling man, I’m reasonably certain a great deal of that traffic will turn onto the new road hoping to bypass the traffic jam. The result? All the lanes around north Preston clogged with very frustrated locals and holiday makers.

I cannot believe LCC highways department hadn’t realised this probability will occur, so why oh why are they prepared to let it happen? If built this creates eight motorway junctions around Preston, only the M60 in west Manchester has a worse density in Britain and look how well that works!

Can’t we ever learn from our mistakes, the north Preston development is highly flawed with no concrete evidence to support its implementation.

The obvious result is a ghost town for Preston and millions down the drain being spent, currently trying to tart up a tired old town. Better all this money is spent rejuvenating the old industrial belt around the city centre by rationalizing the hotch potch of existing converted mill sites into a well planned and accessed modern technology area.

Who isn’t fed up of articulated lorries trying to deliver to pokey little Victorian side streets? So why not sort this mess out first before creating another on the perimeter. Liverpool, Manchester etc. have all learned the mistakes of ignoring the old industrial sites – why is Preston hell bent on making the same mistakes? Pressure from greedy developers perhaps...

Roger Morgan, Kirkham

Time for multi-storey car park

I totally agree with Mr Burnett on Woodlands Drive (letters May 15). We live on Moorfields Avenue in the next street and we are in the same position.

In fact what makes our situation worse is that we are a cut through for traffic avoiding the Sharoe Green traffic lights. In addition to the hospital staff parking, we have to watch out for speeding cars whilst manoeuvring from our driveways.

Broadwood Drive is also an all day car park and is also a bus route. Eventually the bus service will cease due to access problems and many elderly will become even more isolated. In addition to the workers we are now getting people parking going to out-patient appointments. This is getting ridiculous! I have sent many an email to the highways department requesting restricted parking bays and sent the results of a local survey with photos all to no avail. The avenues nearer to the hospital all have restricted parking, so where did they think these workers would end up parking?

I attend the hospital quite regularly and I appreciate the work they all do but the powers-that-be should look into our situation with some urgency. I am sure we all feel the suggested plans for a multi-storey car park should be passed and work commenced without any further delay.

YMW, Fulwood

City are not champ cheats

I am prompted to respond to Monday’s letter by “Sporty, Holme Slack”. I am disappointed the Evening Post printed this bitter comment without checking the facts!

The fine and penalty of a reduced Champions League squad imposed on Manchester City was for alleged breach of UEFA Financial Fair Play.

City have not broken any Premier League or FA rules therefore comments of a points reduction preventing them from claiming the Premier League title, again, are not valid.

I find comments like this more and more in the media and laugh at the small minded people who wish to deny us long suffering Blues our time at the top.

Buckshawblue, via e-mail

Same name as bully mother

I refer to the article “Woman jailed for seven years for attacking Toddler” (LEP May 20). This is an abhorrent crime, the offenders deserve the sentences and the child deserves the justice. I do ask though what kind of society do we live in that contains evil people like this? Just to set the record straight.

My daughter’s name is also Michelle Hodson, but is not the person portrayed in the said article, my daughter has two sons and is happily settled in another part of the country with her partner.

I have already had one abusive phone call this morning concerning this. The caller withheld their number, I have now put anonymous call barring on.

They obviously know me and know I have a daughter called Michelle Hodson, but obviously don’t know her, as she looks entirely different to the photo in the Evening Post. They have put one and one together and come up with three.

To anyone else thinking of contacting me: Please get the facts straight before making abusive phone calls. Thank you.

Fred Hodson, Penwortham

Police apology on statement

On behalf of Lancashire Constabulary I would like to offer an apology for an incorrect statement which was made to the media following a £30,000 cannabis raid in March.

An officer commenting on the seizure of 29 plants was quoted as saying that the smell of cannabis was carcinogenic which is not factually correct.

We always strive to give accurate information and would like to apologise that in this instance, while the information was given in good faith, we got it wrong. We will strive to ensure this does not happen again.

Insp Steve Anderton, Lancashire Police

Reveal Prince’s private letters

Comments attributed to Prince Charles concerning Vladmir Putin have reignited the debate over whether the Royal family should make public their political views. What the Windsors really should make public are the letters Charles has used his privileged position to send to various ministers over the years.

Michael Roberts, Fulwood