Reader’s letters - Thursday June 26, 2014

Footballers who joined the disabled football tournament at Cottam. Photo: Coun Christine  Abram
Footballers who joined the disabled football tournament at Cottam. Photo: Coun Christine Abram
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Make players drink milk

Talk about an over statement! The ITV world cup commentator said, “It is goodbye from Brazil from all the England players as they all prepare to come back to the UK. And this will be the last World Cup tournament for several players.”

I’d say, going by their rather pathetic performance this World Cup will be the last for all of them!

Steven Gerrard couldn’t bring himself to have a shave and Wayne Rooney couldn’t turn on his style that earns him an “over-the-top” wage at Old Trafford.

But this rather dire performance is solid proof that there are far too many foreign players who are playing in the English Premier League and so all we are left with are those very predictable players who are all either Manchester United, Chelsea, or Liverpool players.

Will we ever recapture the form of that brilliant World Cup winning side of 1966? No we won’t. But if we enlist the help and assistance of both Fleetwood Town and Accrington Stanley and force the whole England team to drink more milk it just might work.

Darryl Ashton, Blackpool

Football event was wonderful

Last weekend Cottam Sports Arena was alive with football. Saturday saw a World Cup Mash up with 13 to 16 year olds all playing for the trophy.

More than 100 youngsters took part and it was a wonderful sight, proving our youngsters love to play the national sport.

On Sunday a tournament put on by Everton saw disabled adults taking part in a football tournament.

This is the second event we have been to watch and we have to say well done Everton.

The three Preston teams who train on a Friday at Tulketh were all winning providing much excitement. The last time we went to watch they did not have a kit.

We approached Edgar Wallace from Preston Plastics and he agreed to pay for the kit for our disabled footballers.

Today I asked them if they liked the kit to be met with this response “You could have done better. We all wanted Number 7 Tom Finney on our backs”.

What a truly wonderful reply, I agree we could have done better.

To witness footballers with no arms, one leg, mental health issues, playing as a team is heart warming and makes you thank full for what you have.

We need more publicity for the wonderful volunteers who run these events and do weekly training sessions they are the real heroes of football not the celebrities.

I want to say an enormous thank you to Kath and Pete Mason and their team of coaches who spent all weekend at Cottam and devote their time on a weekly basis to improving the quality of life for those less advantaged.

Disabled football for little ones takes place on Saturday morning at Cottam Sports Arena and for adults at Tulketh on a Friday evening, no one should excluded from sport because of a disability.

Coun Christine Abram, Cottam

Cutting stress of house buying

It’s surprising what you learn when you start on a new experience. I am moving house – hopefully.

I never previously knew that some agents use ‘in-house’ conveyancers/solicitors who are definitely not, what I understand to be, ‘in-house’.

Trying to contact/activate an office or person in Manchester or elsewhere is proving nigh on impossible for all concerned.

Dates are being endlessly postponed so far resulting in so much extra work, upset and stress. Please use local people who are easily accessible – I am.

I hope being aware of this possibility saves others from the trauma that my ‘chain’ is experiencing.

Name and address supplied

Aspire to better job opportunity

If people choose to set up their own business, then best of luck to them in the current climate.

My husband is self-employed and has been for many years,

although like so many others in the construction industry he is finding times are hard.

I too have been self-employed, but only because it was the only work I could find. And that’s the point. Take a look at the local JobCentre vacancies.

On any given night you will see ‘self-employed’ telesales and canvassers. You’ll see opportunities to ‘set up your own business from home...’, zero hours contracts and temporary, casual vacancies.

One local employer recently recruited staff on piece work, which in reality means working long hard hours for significantly less than the minimum wage.

Most people need a job, and most people will do whatever they can to keep a roof over their heads and feed their family.

Most people will submit countless applications, trawl endless job sites and queue up for fruitless interviews,and many will eventually take whichever low-paid, insecure, self-employed, casual job they can get, because that’s all there is.

It’s time for Wyre to aspire for better for the people of our

borough. It’s time to aspire to secure employment with decent pay and prospects.

I really don’t care whether jobs are private, public or third sector or even genuine

self-employed start-ups.

I do care that our council is doing all it can to contribute towards proper employment opportunities and helping to

restore hope and optimism in our community.

Coun Penny Martin,

leader Wyre Labour Group

Charity thanks for street aid

On behalf of Christian Aid, I would like to say a big thank you to all those who gave to this year’s Goosnargh and Whittingham Christian Aid Appeal and to all the collectors who give their time to deliver and collect the envelopes. Donations this year amounted to £1,887 and without this, many people wouldn’t get the help they need.

When we see the disasters on the news, we have so much to thank God for here. Thank you again for all your support. May God bless you all.

Dorothy Brewer, Goosnargh