Reader’s letters - Thursday 24 April 2014

Ex Manchester United manager David Moyes should have be given more time, according to one reader
Ex Manchester United manager David Moyes should have be given more time, according to one reader
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We are a Christian nation

Why are 50 characters, who think they are something special, trying to dictate to the majority that we are not a Christian country?

We have been recognised by the rest of the known world as Christian country long before 1066 and William the Conqueror, who had himself at that time had to decide Canterbury Cathedral and the Archbishop of Canterbury were the head of the English Christian Church, as against York? I agree not many are regular church goers now, but a church is actually a group of people and the building is only named after that group.

It’s suffice to say, from official records, that well over half the population of this country consider themselves to be Christian.

Many of the signatures to, we are not a Christian country, have association with other countries and the same could be said.

But would we say that Israel is not a Jewish nation, or that Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are not Muslim nations, or that India is not a Hindu nation? Even though they have a diversified population.

These simple facts apply to nearly every nation in the world, if not all the nations. And we have to respect their religions and ways of life when we travel to these places, its simply good manners to do that!

Maybe the 50 are too simple to have any manners or respect for the British nation?

These people are lucky they reside in a country that is Christian and with strong Christian values, which even the non-believers live by. The fact we are so tolerant as a Christian nation does not give them the right to use that to belittle us and destroy our way of life.

A Red Rose Lancashire Lad

Moyes should have stayed on

I think it is disgusting that David Moyes has been sacked. For goodness sake, the Manchester United team are paid obscene amounts of money and should be ashamed that that one man has to carry the can for their ineptitude.

They can’t win league matches against sides which are supposedly inferior to them nor can they win when some of them go off to play for England.

Perhaps if they were penalised in their pockets where it would hurt every time they lost a game they might then direct their energies into winning at least at league level.

Alex Ferguson must have thought Moyes was a good choice or he would not have recommended him and I hope he has been in touch with David Moyes to tell him so as the man must feel totally let down with the team he tried to coach.

This goes for most managers who are sacked as they are only as good as the players they are landed with at the end of the day. It isn’t them who buy the players is it?

Christine Cross, via e-mail

Shame on killer dog owner

I was shocked and saddened to read about the male swan on Froom Street Lodge being savaged to death by a dog.

I walk in this area frequently and have never heard of anything so appalling happening in the past, as most of the lodge is well fenced off.

These beautiful birds have lived on this lodge for many years and I have seen them raise several cygnets each year.

It is especially sad as swans mate for life and it is also breeding season.

Had the dog responsible been on a lead this tragedy would never have occurred.

Maybe the dog control orders introduced in 2012 should include other areas where wildlife and livestock are vulnerable to attack from uncontrolled dogs.

If this were the case incidences like this would hopefully never happen again.

Miss D P Road, Chorley

School photo brought it back

I attended English Martyrs School 1942 until December 1952. I don’t remember AnnTurner because you tended to know older girls,not younger (Your School Class April 1).

I stayed at the junior school and didn’t go to secondary school,Veronica Harris had just joined our school and her brother Frank taught my children at Edmund Campion.

I have loads of names I remember and am in touch with a couple, some of the faces ring a bell on the photograph,one of them is seated to Ann’s left,and the girl second from the left on the back row.

The ties threw me a bit, I don’t remember them. Happy memories. I remember Mrs Ollerenshaw but she never taught me, I can remember her well. Best wishes to Ann.

Margaret Jervis, via e-mail

Looking for pal from war years

I am trying to find John Stableford a very old wartime school friend. We went to Leyland Senior school around 1943 to 1945 and John lived in Leyland on the road to the tank factory by Leyland Paint & Varnish works.

One of his grandmothers lived in Mill Street, in Farington, and his family used to work the markets with a clothing and haberdashery stall.

They had a converted railway carriage caravan in Silverdale where we spent some holidays .

John may remember me better when I say I was a refugee from Danzig in 1939. I lived in Farington on the main road opposite the Conservative Club.

We got into trouble with the farmer and police for pinching duck eggs.

On Sundays we went to Sunday school in Preston. If John or any member of his family would like to contact me by e-mail

Fred Taylor, Nether Kellet

Happy days in the Boy Scouts

Regarding the Scouts picture (Looking Back April 16) I was in Preston St Thomas Scout troop in my youth.

Derek Farnworth is my name and I am pictured fifth from the left on the back row, with my arms folded. The scout master was Mr Fazakerley. Happy days

D Farnworth, Grimsargh