Reader’s letters - Thursday 09 January 2014

Firefighters attending a Fire Brigades Union rally but one reader thinks it is time for a pensions settlement
Firefighters attending a Fire Brigades Union rally but one reader thinks it is time for a pensions settlement
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Anger at bus service chop

I am incandescent with rage at the recent notice that some buses on certain Fylde routes through the village are to be severely curtailed and on certain days, cancelled altogether (LEP December 23).

Several bus drivers were made redundant immediately. What exquisite timing, and what a merry Christmas they must have had! They probably had mortgages to pay and increased fuel, energy and water costs.

Pardon me if I’m wrong, but when the economic crisis developed, we were led to believe we were all facing cuts. It is now patently obvious that was a lie.

While the strugglers are targeted, we note the people at the top are giving themselves obscene salary increases, bonuses and pension rights.

No doubt they all use private cars and taxis and put it down to expenses. We are fast dwindling back to the dark ages. Let us have justice and fair play, now. Some villages are completely isolated due to these bus cuts. Surely that cannot be allowed in a civilised society?

Why on earth don’t our MPs discuss the problem in the Houses of Parliament instead of hurling insults at each other.

Mr D S Lane, Preesall

Cutting service was a shambles

Classic Bus North West blaming their difficulties on everybody else really just isn’t good enough. Take some responsibility guys. Plus there usually has to be a very good reason why a Government department withholds funds that are due a company as they understand what problems it can cause them.

Secondly, I cannot see how less than two weeks of running the 80 and 82 made such a difference as to whether the company knew if it could continue to trade or not. If the directors didn’t know, so close to starting it that they were in such difficulties, then I really don’t think they should be running anything at all.

Plus their decision to just pack up with no warning to passengers , thereby leaving whole communities stranded, is frankly appalling. I feel sorry for all those drivers owed money and effectively dumped at Christmas.

Name and address supplied

Leave council tax bills alone

I refer to the remarks of Clive Grunshaw, about the possibility of increasing the council tax in order to address a shortfall of up to £20m (LEP January 4).

As a band “D” person, I feel that I am paying enough. One of the options of course would be, that if the council employed more debt collectors for the people who don’t pay, then they would rake in thousands of pounds.

The other option of course is for Mr Grimshaw to mind his own business in relation to council matters and secondly to get his own financial concerns in order, before he makes any more comments.

J D Rigby, address supplied

Time fire cash row was settled

I sympathise with the position of our firefighters in their dispute with the Government over new pensions plans.

But with more and more strikes coming there seems to be no end to it all. In other areas of the country people have lost their lives when there have been fires during the strike hours.

And I’m surprised there has not been more severe incidents.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who is hoping for a resolution, the longer it continues the more chance something horrific will happen that the various service’s contingency plans will not be able to cope with. Both sides appear steadfast in their positions, though, and I’m not hopeful that an agreement can be reached.

Name and address supplied

Campaign for e-cigs is daft

I read with interest in that Chris Davies, MEP for the North West, has been campaigning to ensure so-called e-cigs are widely available in our region (letters December 26).Is this something to be proud of?

Personally I think they should be banned.

If I invented a consumer product that ensures the people buying them to become addicted to a chemical, ensuring my profits rocketed and remained high, I would expect Government legislation or a campaign against me from people worried about their children’s futures.

Somehow we have been fooled into believing that these things are beneficial.

We are told they help people addicted to real cigarettes to break that habit. OK, they may not fill your lungs with cancer -causing tar and carcinogens, but they do feed that un-natural nicotine addiction.

And they are widely available over the Internet to the point that teenagers at school use them. The attractive fruity flavours appeal all too readily to kids.

Chris, I think you should have put your extensive energies in Europe into something to benefit mankind, not to enslave it.

L Atkinson, via email

Thanks for a great party

We would like to thank everyone who came to our 70th wedding (platinum) anniversary on December 29 at the Corporation Arms, Longridge and made it such a great day for us, both of our families and our many good friends and neighbours and Jenny, our daughter-in-law, for arranging the photo and congratulations from the Queen.

We had a truly wonderful day, one we will never forget. Best wishes to all at the LEP.

Peggy and Jim Fearns, Preston

Our man Pete is king of laughs

I would just like to give credit where it’s due.

As a long -tanding, regular reader of the Evening Post, the article that gives me the most enjoyment and laughter is Peter Richardson’s entry.

He has a wonderful sense of humour. Keep printing Peter, it’s a brilliant read!

W Holland, Abram