Reader’s letters - Thursday 01 May 2014

The chicken sheds in Longton which could make way for new housing
The chicken sheds in Longton which could make way for new housing
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Power policy is all wrong

Scientists are now 95 per cent certain that climate change is man made, just read the latest report of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on climate change.

And what response do we get from the Government and local MP Nigel Evans (LEP April 29)? 

With an eye on the General Election in 2015 they announce the scrapping of wind farm subsidies and new powers for local councils to allow them to block new turbines. “I was delighted to hear the announcement” stated Mr Evans. Really?

Perhaps he should have a discussion with Energy Secretary Ed Davey who warned, in this paper on April 25, that Conservative plans to put an effective moratorium on new on-shore wind farms will be, “disastrous for business and jobs in our growing green economy.

“Onshore wind is one of the cheapest forms of green energy, so cutting it could lead to higher bills.”

To quote from the Chorley Supplementary Energy Document, “Wind power is a technically proven energy technology for which there is great potential in the UK due to it benefitting from some of the highest wind speeds in Europe….

“Due to the relatively easy setup, low maintenance requirements and high levels of energy produced, wind is one of the most cost effective renewable fuels available.”

Perhaps Evening Post readers would like to look at Mr Evans’s comments again, as I did, and substitute the words shale gas for wind turbines?

It makes for thought provoking reading.

D Kelk, Central Lancashire Friends of the Earth

Moyes deserved so much better

I am upset and disgusted by the way David Moyes has been treated , he is one of the best managers I know. As a Preston North End supporter I will never forget what he did for us and I am sure some of the supporters of PNE will agree.

I just want to wish him all of the luck in the world and I am sure he will not be long out of a job.

Barbara Parker, Ribbleton

Traffic census is a headache

Here is a personal opinion about the traffic census points which delayed so many of us today. They typify the modern Big Brother mentality that not only impinges upon a motorist’s freedoms but also causes frustration while serving no useful purpose that one could imagine.

Bust timetables are adversely affected, appointments cannot be kept on time, access to one’s home may be blocked, frozen foods begin to thaw and the people responsible for the census lose what tiny shreds of the motoring public’s goodwill which maybe still in existence.

The statistics gathered today will have no effect whatsoever regarding improvements to traffic management in this area, this year or next - if ever.

G W Richards, Bamber Bridge

Hen house idea a big mistake

Councillor Stettner is having a laugh (LEP April 25), the units on the ‘employment area’ are no more than dilapidated hen cabins which were past their best when the bottom fell out of the egg market years ago.

Who are the council officers who have recommended this application? What are the councillors of South Ribble thinking about using South Ribble residents’ money to pay people who would even consider such a proposal let alone recommend it?

The whole thing is a joke. Coun Stettner will be telling us next that Edwina Currie has her name down for the first house!

Name and address supplied

Thieves leave lots of victims

As we all know supermarkets are in financial difficulty – as indeed are other stores on the high street.

I have been informed theft is a serious issue at a local store and one wonders how significant a part this plays in the loss of jobs and failure of businesses.

One senses at times staff are somewhat casual about this, as with the issuing of plastic bags, and thereby put their own jobs and the environment at jeopardy.

Incidentally, there is far too much packaging these days which merely adds to the ever-growing problems of global pollution. As for litter and cigarette butts in the streets, the law should be fully enforced and the whole community should take responsibility for this, rather than leaving it to the demoralised council staff.

One also senses security systems are not always very cost effective and at times the wrong people are targeted by officials.

On one occasion I witnessed a respectable looking elderly lady steal a bottle of spirits and walk out of the store as brazen as could be. I mentioned this to a cashier and she told me this sort of thing happens quite regularly, and nothing further was done.

As with the television licence, the honest majority subsidise the crooks and everybody pays a premium in the shops for the euphemistic ‘shrinkage’.

We also read recent reports about the shocking scale of fraud in the NHS. Rather than threatening to strike over their own remuneration and exaggerated status, perhaps the various medical unions should do something about this and show more concern for hard-pressed taxpayers rather than the pen pushers and chair polishers.

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Walking way to better fitness

Having volunteered to help walk the dogs at Animal Care Lancaster, I wonder who’s benefitting most, me or the dogs?

If anyone else has some time and they’re wondering what to do with it, do consider volunteering,too. There’s no expectation of you, just turn up however often you can or want to, chose a dog, and off you go. If you don’t fancy walking large dogs, say so. There‘s lots of little ones which need a walk and a bit of TLC for. Who needs a gym when you can do this for free?

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