Reader’s letters - Monday November 03, 2014

Sensible: Aidan Turner-Bishop says Preston and South Ribble Civic Trust offered 'sensible advice' over plans for a blue plaque on St Ignatius church
Sensible: Aidan Turner-Bishop says Preston and South Ribble Civic Trust offered 'sensible advice' over plans for a blue plaque on St Ignatius church
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Advice is not opposition

In a recent letter Mr Smith (LEP, October 29) suggests that the Preston & South Ribble Civic Trust opposed the installation of a blue plaque for ‘Trader’ Horn.

Mr Smith wanted to have a blue plaque installed on the exterior wall of St Ignatius’s church - a grade 2* listed building.

We advised him that this would be unlikely to obtain Listed Building Consent and that he needed the written consent of the Bishop of Lancaster before a planning application, costing over £300, could even be made. We advised him to consider an alternative location such as on Horn’s house (still in a conservation area) or perhaps inside the church as a privately sponsored memorial tablet.

St Ignatius’s church, which is sadly to close soon, might also deserve a plaque to Gerard Manley Hopkins, the world-famous poet, who served as a curate there in the 1880s.

It is very likely that English Heritage and other bodies would firmly oppose a collection of blue plaques on the outside of a grade 2* listed building.

Giving sensible and informed advice is not opposing.

Aidan Turner-Bishop, Preston and South Ribble Civic Trust

Park and ride may be answer

There has been much criticism of the refurbished phase one of Fishergate and the traffic congestion around Corporation Street and Butler Street.

This is a frequent problem at School Half term holidays and has nothing to do with the removal of traffic lights.

My question is why do people persist in parking in the city centre when there are plenty of park and ride car parks?

In most cities around England where there are side roads feeding into a main route most of the side roads are either blocked off or the direction of travel for motor vehicles is changed.

This is one issue that Lancashire County Council have failed to address over many years.

I would suggest that the following roads are either closed off or direction of travel be changed.

Cannon Street direction changed from South to North to North to South, traffic can proceed along Cross Street in either direction. Guildhall Street is OK for the limited time traffic is allowed to access Fishergate. The cross over road from St Georges car park to Winckley Square be closed off. Mount Street direction of travel to be changed to North to South.

Fox Street direction of travel South to North only with vehicles exiting right once the cul de sac is opened up on to Fleet Street and on to Lune Street. Charnley Street to be closed off at Fishergate and as for Butler Street all traffic exiting this road be directed left on to Fishergate Hill and directed down Bow Lane and on to the Ringway system.

If these side road issues were addressed then traffic will flow more freely.

G Gilbert, Hutton

It is time to think again

I have just heard that the council intend to charge a large fee for the road closures in Preston needed for the remembrance Sunday parades at the Cenotaph.

I am incensed! In any year this would be a gross thing to do but in this year of the 100th anniversary of the first world war it beggars belief. What an insult to all those who gave their lives or health in the service of our country, to charge for the cost of closing the roads so that we can honour them. Any money charged would of need come from monies raised to help our ex servicemen and their families. How can this be justified by the jobsworths that run our councils? Just how do they sleep at nights? There can be no excuse for this charge! Time to think again!

Jeff McCann, Hoghton

Signs were a waste of cash

Are police actually enforcing the world’s most expensive signposts erected across our borough?

I have not seen a single speed camera on the 20mph roads since the ridiculous limits were introduced.

Any officers caring to check would probably have to arrest most drivers for failing to drive with due care and attention rather than speeding. It’s a ridiculous limit and one which is impossible to keep to without constantly watching your speedometer and changing gear.

A full inquiry into the debacle must be held and those responsible held to account for an atrocious waste of public money that was never asked for by residents, especially in an era of austerity when vital services are being cut.

Name and address supplied

Rock or decay for footy club?

So, Blackpool football club have appointed former Birmingham City boss as their new manager. Apparently, the former boss of Birmingham City was themselves sacked from their job - so what attributes him to be qualified for this new job with Blackpool - and what “qualities” does he bring to such a role? The new boss at Blackpool says ‘their prime target is to keep Blackpool in the Championship.’ They don’t say! I would have thought that was so obvious! So, will Blackpool ‘rock’ again - or ‘decay’ further and introduce themselves to the teams in the First Division? Only time will tell!

Darryl Ashton, Blackpool