Reader’s letters - Monday July 14, 2014

Police and Crime Commissioner Clive Grunshaw (left) meets shoppers but he is under fire over his expenses
Police and Crime Commissioner Clive Grunshaw (left) meets shoppers but he is under fire over his expenses
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Pot the new speeds signs

Two points for the misguided Lancashire County Council representatives.

My first point relates to the dreaded 20mph signs. Has anyone living in Lancashire been booked for exceeding this speed limit in the last 12 months?

£9m expenditure for revenue amounting to what? I, and I am sure, many others would wish to know. Bet you don’t answer.

Secondly, a better use for the signs. Cut them off their posts (those that are not near schools of course), turn them flat and stamp them into the numerous circular pot holes which keep reappearing up and down Lancashire’s roads, then cover them with asphalt.

A much more safety conscious use of them methinks.

Name and address supplied

Police boss has to take charge

It is surprising to learn that our Police and Crime Commissioner still has difficulty in submitting accurate expenses, but it really will not do to blame his staff.

As someone who spent over 20 years travelling across Europe on business in pre Euro days, I can speak with some experience in the matter.

On a given trip, three or four different currencies might have been used, but however hectic the schedule, I would record my expenses nightly so that when I returned to the UK, recalling complex events was never a problem.

One invariable rule was never to delegate the task to someone else, but rather to take full responsibility for any form which I had signed. I recommend this approach to Mr Grunshaw.

To learn Mr Grunshaw cannot submit accurate expenses does not inspire confidence in the execution of his onerous responsibility as the head of our police force.

John Shaw, Garstang

City looking a right mess

I must applaud Lancaster Library on their displays, etc, depicting World War I, but I do think the Lancaster Council have ‘gone over the top’ with their actual blitzkrieging of the city centre, this together with cafes and pubs erecting man traps on the pavements creating a no-go area, where only the bravest of brave would attempt to storm the bastion of the library.

If I was a shopkeeper I would capitulate now, because the council will already be planning their next offensive. And all this to reinstate a horse shoe – silly old me thought they brought good luck.

Harry Caton, Lancaster

Ball games next door a plague

I very strongly agree with having the signs saying; ‘No Ball Games Allowed’ in all residential areas. I used to live next door to children who used to constantly kick a football about all the time.

And, yes, when the ball kept hitting the garden fence it is a nuisance. But even the parents didn’t bother about this as their darling little offspring were annoying other people. Unless you are blessed with a huge and private garden - with a detached house - playing football in the street should be illegal.

I really hope I don’t end up living next door to a neighbour with the carefree attitude of Mrs A (letters July 9)! But I did do once and the children and parents were an absolute nightmare. I have, myself, just recently moved to get well away from this problem. R T Barrett (letters July 4) you really do have my full sympathy regarding this matter. Good luck in getting it resolved.

But, I bet you’re really dreading the six weeks school summer holidays which are almost upon us. Sorry for mentioning them!

Darryl Ashton, Blackpool

Smart clothes do matter

My husband and I watched Chorley walking day as we do every year. There doesn’t seem as many walkers these days, and hardly any brigades, Guides or Brownies.

The bands that did play were very good, but hardly any marched – they were just strolling. Also half did not wear uniform – some were in leggings and T shirts, and not a bit smart.

The one church which stood out was St Peter’s. The brigade was second to none, every one of them marched even at a standing position they still stepped to the beat.

They were all in uniform and smart as a new pin. Also St Peter’s Brownies were all in their little uniforms and again

marched, and they were an absolute pleasure to watch too.

So well done St Peter’s – you certainly could show the rest how to dress and how to march.

Jan Campbell, via email

Thanks for aid after accident

I would like to thank three gentleman who came to my aid when my car went into a ditch in Winmarleigh to let a coach pass on the narrow lane. I didn’t get chance to thank them all.

By luck the third man, who came with his wife, had a rope and managed to tow me out.

Luckily I was taking my car for a service the next day and they found the steering bar was bent and the wheel had to be changed.

I am very grateful for all their help as there was a four foot drop on the other side so thank you all once again.

Diana Hunt, Garstang

Tour de France an inspiration

What a brilliant two days the start of the Tour de France was.

After watching the first two stages of the Tour through Yorkshire, I’m both inspired and confident that I can lead out Froome et al on the Cote de Littlemoor Road, Cote de Peel Park Avenue and Cote de Pendle Road!

As for the Cote de Pendle Hill... a mere cote de buttertub!

Trevor Hobday,

(aka the Littlemoor Rocket), Clitheroe