Reader’s letters - Monday 06 January 2014

Silverdale Hoard of Viking treasures which are on the move from Lancaster to Preston
Silverdale Hoard of Viking treasures which are on the move from Lancaster to Preston
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Please save a vital service

At the end of September 2013 Inskip with Sowerby Parish Council was informed by Lancashire County Council that Classic Bus North WestLtd had registered to operate certain parts of a number of subsidised bus services linking towns and villages in Fylde and Wyre on a commercial basis with effect from December 9.

Upon being informed about the proposed part commercialisation of bus routes which had previously needed to be subsidised to operate, the parish council was immediately concerned that in the event these routes proved not to be commercially viable, rural parishes like Inskip with Sowerby could be left with a significantly reduced bus service or in the worst case no bus services at all.On the October 30 I wrote to LCC’s principal transport officer seeking an assurance that in the event these routes proved not to be commercially viable LCC would reinstate the subsidised services.

The officer was unable to provide the assurance the parish council was seeking, welcomed on behalf of LCC the running of the 80/82 service by Classic Bus North West Ltd but advised the situation would be assessed in the light of any proposed revisions to the service by that company. On December 23 after just two weeks of operation by Classic Bus North West Ltd, the parish council and the public at large were informed by LCC that Classic Bus had informed the county council they would cease to operate service 80.

In addition, LCC also advised that Classic Bus had also broken the contract with LCC to operate the subsidised evening and Sunday services.

As a result, the parish council’s worst fears have been realised and the residents of the parishes of Inskip with Sowerby and Catforth, which have no shops, doctors surgeries, secondary schools colleges or other amenities have been left without any bus service at all which especially adversely impacts upon the most vulnerable residents at this time of year and, one of our primary school teachers will not be able to arrive at work on time.

Phil Hill, Inskip with Sowerby Parish Clerk

Take treasures off the road

What’s going on? The amazing Silverdale Hoard collection is being removed from its true home, Lancaster City Museum.

Not by a group of marauding Vikings but by Lancashire County Council. The collection is to be permanently housed at the Museum of Lancashire, in Preston. Why? The collection has been in the Lancaster district for well over 1,000 years (albeit most of the time underground).

The exhibition has had an amazing response at Lancaster City Museum. Attendances have soared with a great increase to visitor numbers and consequently a great boost to the local economy (much needed).

Gareth Williams, a curator at the British Museum, says: “These days there’s much more of an assumption that the normal place for important finds will be in regional museums.As the main museum for North Lancashire, I think Lancaster City Museum is the ideal place for it.”

I agree with him. Hands off county. Leave the Silverdale Hoard where it belongs, Lancaster City Museum.

Coun Paul Woodruff, Lancaster City Council

Charity food banks praised

Food banks have become a necessary part of our unequal society. I would like to pay tribute to those who run and work for these charitable organisations.

I emphasise not just at Christmas but all the year round. They give the time, and other people donate the food. It is a heart-warming exercise. Some people with lowly paid jobs need food banks.

Max Nottingham, address supplied

Shame of yob at Christmas time

May I use your column to wish a very unhappy new year to the person who decided to vandalise my son’s VW Golf on the Friday night/Saturday morning before Christmas.

Despite being parked on the drive, next to the front window of a quiet cul-de-sac on Lichen Close, Charnock Richard, this person decided that it would be a good idea to hurl a brick through the rear window of the car.

Not only did the brick smash the rear window,but landed on the dashboard and cracked the windscreen.

And I suspect the same person was responsible for kicking a large hole in my elderly neighbour’s fence.

I hope the person responsible reads this letter and has the guts to contact me, to let me know the reasons behind this random act of vandalism and, perhaps, may wish to apologise.

I doubt, however, they will be willing to reimburse my son with the £350 it cost him to have both screens replaced, so he could get to work on the following Monday morning.

May I wish a Happy New Year to everyone else who reads this column!

Jim Bibby, Charnock Richard

Poor timing to close car park

I find it amazing someone made a decision to close Parksafe car park in Lancaster for refurbishment work when the water authority are carrying out essential work in the same area.

This work has meant other car parking in the area has been vastly reduced and the closure of the car park opposite the bus station which has been converted into a temporary bus only area.

Surely this refurbishment work could have waited until the water authorities have finished their work.

Who would make such a stupid decision?

An unhappy car driver, name and address supplied

Rare reg plate was on a moped

Before Christmas one of your readers asked what happened the vehicle registration number ERN1E.

It was issued to a moped and at the time there was a photograph of it in the Evening Post.

RCG, Garstang