Reader’s letters - July 17, 2014

Window shopping: Preston's Miller Arcade, photographed by a reader
Window shopping: Preston's Miller Arcade, photographed by a reader
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Glory days of the Arcade

I could not resist taking this photograph (pictured, right) of the rather splended Miller Arcade in the centre of Preston.

Now almost deserted with no one passing through, it reminded me of the time many years past when it was the most vibrant part of Preston.

I started work at the Evening Post in January 1950, there was no bus station for the corporation buses and the terminas for all of them was all around the Miller Arcade.

As a result if you had a new girlfriend or meeting friends to go to one of the 15 or17 cinemas or the two theatres you would meet under the clock in the Miller Arcade.

Friday and Saturday night with a choice of several dance venues there would bring hundreds of young and old meeting in the Arcade.

Happy days

Name supplied, by email

God bless you, Eddie

Reading the Evening Post, Friday, July 4, in the death column, Edward ‘Eddie’ Nicholson, aged 77 years old.

I remember Eddie, as we called him in the 1960’s.

I was at school and my mum used to send me for some change to Eddie’s. Eddie’s gun shop was on Ribbleton Lane, my parents had a shop two doors away, ‘Pemberton’s’ at the corner of Shuttle Street, selling electrical goods and records. Happy days.

I remember Eddie’s bronze James Bond car. He let my mum have drive in it.

He was a smashing bloke.

God bless, Eddie.

Y Davies, Kirkham

Yet more cash from motorists

Regardless of the multimillions collected via the speed cameras and the excessive fuel tax, road tax and insurance, some smart Alec in the Ministry of ‘How can we make people’s lives more miserable’ has brought in a law to allow the courts to increase motoring fines to a ridiculous level so that people who are already struggling to live can expect to pay thousands of pounds for minor offences.

The publicity about this has been kept to a minimum in case people in the next election decide to vote for any party that promises to get rid of this draconian law.

Yours sincerely

DM Horton

We need a new showground

With regards to the proposed comeback of the Royal Lancashire Show (LEP, July 16), what Lancashire needs is a purpose designed and developed showground with a direct motorway access link.

Such a facility for example at Fishwick Bottoms with a link to the M6 roundabout system at Brockholes, could host a variety of shows and conferences, as well a mini-racecourse and an equestrian venue etc, making central Lancashire a major visitor attraction without any disruption to local residents from traffic congestion.

Realworldman, via website

Disillusioned with mayor

Firstly it is great to hear Garstang Town Council voicing their concerns and opposition to the “gold rush” style assault by greedy developers on every available piece of greenfield land which they can get their hands on.

Not only this but they seem to understand and appreciate the community’s opposition to the growing number of proposed developments. May this be the catalyst which unites the people of Garstang to take a joint stand against this assault on our heritage, beautiful countryside and unique identity.

Secondly, I, like many others, look upon a Mayor as someone who is a figure head for all that is good about Garstang (its identity, beauty etc) and who believes in these ideals and supports his community’s views. However, the new Mayor Graham Salisbury, seems to want it all.

Last week, talking on the subject of the proposed large scale developments impacting on our town, Mr Salisbury says: “Whatever your views on the subject, be under no illusion it is coming” – which is no shock when you see that he runs a planning, building and design business – assisting in designing housing developments and ensuring they get planning permission through ‘ruthless determination’.

It states on his company website ‘2013 – 97 per cent Of Our Applications Approved This Year’.

One of the many proposed developments Mr Salisbury’s company is assisting in trying to get approved is one particularly personal to me.

It is outline planning for 18 houses in Bowgreave which, in brief, would have serious implications on road/child safety – the proposed entrance being right next to the high school on a blind bend. It would also impact dramatically on wildlife and ecology and would affect the character/heritage that is Bowgreave.

Add to this the developers intend to bulldoze one part of a semi detached house which has stood for decades.

In short, you can understand why I might be disillusioned by the choice of Mayor.

With regards to charitable work, which Mr Salisbury talks about, there are dozens of worthy Garstang folk who work tirelessly for good causes or assisting the vulnerable people of Garstang who want no recognition and court no publicity – ideal worthy candidates to be Mayor of Garstang. Mr Salisbury, you can keep your 5G football pitch and park and ride scheme.

Bowgreave Resident,

mame supplied