Reader’s letters - Friday September 19, 2014

The privatisation of health services has angered one reader
The privatisation of health services has angered one reader
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Care comes before profit

Outrageous, absolutely outrageous, the decision by Chorley and Preston NHS clinical commissioning group to award a multi million pound contract for orthopaedic services to private contractor Virgin Care (LEP September 16).

Even more outrageous is the failure to disclose how much taxpayers money is involved under this deal.

What have the commissioners got to hide and why is it deemed necessary to resort to the submitting of a Freedom of Information request in order to seek transparency.

The Health and Social Care Act stipulates that a full process of consultation with the public is required before such contracts are awarded.

So where was the consultation and when. The truth is Clinical Commissioning Groups are mere tools of this government who are hell bent on destroying our NHS by backdoor privatization.

Virgin Care is a business motivated by profit rather than patient care and the profit will become paramount.

Just watch the cherry picking of orthopaedic services now begin and welcome to the world of an American style profit driven health care system. Keep your credit card handy you are going to need it.

Name and address supplied

Problems with mail service

I am deeply concerned with Royal Mail deliveries of my letters to areas outside Preston. Come to Tewkesbury - the badly torn envelope delivered in a plastic bag with apologies but no letter.

Letter to Warton (Carnforth) envelope torn three sides – again delivered in a plastic bag, apologies. Now a letter is missing nearly a fortnight to Warton (Carnforth).

What is happening to this service? Needless to mention I have written to the postal depot concerning above, but should I be surprised not receiving a reply?!

Has anyone experienced similar problems.

Mrs J E Hardcastle, MBE, Fulwood

Town needs to get new houses

Re: proposed development west of Garstang. The funny thing about NIMBYs is they don’t always recognise their own back yard - as far as I can see the proposed development is west of the A6 and will have no visual impact on Garstang town centre, or even the ‘suburbs’.

Affordable housing is badly needed in the area and these plans seem to propose to build sensitively and in a contained area which I’m sure most Garstonians would prefer to a new housing estate within the main zones.

There are already several takeaways in the centre, so let’s not pretend to be a fast-food virgin and the protesters’ suggestion a big red and yellow sign may appear is childish, emotive misrepresentation. The fact is Garstang has already moved with the times and has supermarkets, chippies and litter louts.

It also has a ridiculous overkill prison-style fencing ruining the once lovely area by the river, but don’t get me started on that.

This proposal will at least be off-centre, hidden from the eyes of the Britain in Bloom judges and will offer the less financially fortunate somewhere to live and bring jobs and trade to the hinterland.

This will automatically spin some of these visitors off into the town centre where custom is badly needed to rejuvenate and bring new business into empty shops.

So what’s not to like? Traffic will increase but this is an age-old excuse used by NIMBYs.

If you want a boost to the local economy you will have to accept more traffic.

Name and address supplied

Looking for our fallen heroes

I am acting on behalf of the authorities at the United Nations Memorial Cemetery Busan, South Korea, where more than 800 British servicemen are buried.

The authorities there wish to obtain photos of those servicemen interred there, and, also those who died but have no known grave. The photos will be attached to their records,and will also be displayed on the walls of the Cemetery Hall of Remembrance for all time.

The following are just some of the young men from Lancashire who gave their lives in the Korean War: Kgn John E Nuttall; Rfn Brian A Mulligan; Pte Harry Uttley L/Cpl; Dennis Metcalfe Gnr Gordon Yates; Pte James Lewis; Pte William G Hillman; Pte Joseph A Lively; Pte John O’Hara; Rfn George Riding; Pte Arthur H F Holmes; S/Lt Richard D Bradley(RN); WO2 Wilfred Hall; Pte Jack Clayton.

Any family who lost a loved one in the Korean War and wish to take part can send the photograph to me at the address below.

For further details, ring me on 0161 789 7633 or email

You can also phone Brian Hough on 0161 368 5622.

May I thank you for any help you can give on this matter.

James Grundy, College Croft, Eccles, Manchester, M30 0AN

Call to cut cost of motoring

I have today written to the chief executive of Tesco, Dave Lewis, to propose a new system of distributing the Clubcard Fuel Save Scheme, allowing people to redeem vouchers at any filling station. As it currently stands, fuel vouchers are redeemable only at Tesco filling stations, meaning a great many residents in the area have to drive several miles to redeem vouchers.

I am in no way opposed to the scheme itself and feel strongly that any measure to ease the burden of fuel costs is a good thing. However, the closest filling station where vouchers are redeemable from Clitheroe is over eight miles away in Burnley and even in the relatively urban area of Bamber Bridge the closest filling station is some four miles away.

I have therefore written to Mr Lewis to suggest these vouchers be redeemable at other filling stations as the cost of fuel is a particularly important issue in rural areas.

Nigel Evans MP, Ribble Valley