Reader’s letters - Friday June 20, 2014

Smoke rises after an attack by ISIS militants on Iraq's largest oil refinery in Beiji
Smoke rises after an attack by ISIS militants on Iraq's largest oil refinery in Beiji
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Show patients some care

As a service user at Sue Ryder, Cuerden Hall, I have read with utter dismay some of the comments people have made regarding the proposed new care facility.

The aim of the new building is to improve the quality of life for severely disabled people, some of whom are coming to the end of their lives and not to decimate the whole of Cuerden Valley Park as seems to be implied.

As for “The latest venture being for profit and not for the betterment of those in need of specialist care” I was under the impression any profit made by a charity, had to be ploughed back in to the charity to be used for the benefit of those who need it.

You can rest assured that where ever we end up, even if it is in “Room 101”, should you or your loved ones require the services of a specialist care centre, you will be welcomed with open arms and treated with love, dignity and respect. Could you please show us the same courtesy, we do have feelings.

Bev Sharrock, day care patient, via email

Ban phones on bus and train

I don’t know if any readers agree with me, but, I’d like the Government to ban the use of mobile phones on public transport, except in an emergency.

It drives me mad to have to listen to some dopey female, or male come to that, jabbering away loudly about where they’re going, what they did last night, who’s dating who, what they’ve just bought etc, etc.

Have these ignorant morons no consideration for other passengers who just want a quiet journey. I even have to listen to this modern “music”, or to give it it’s proper description, unadulterated moronic noise, as that’s what it sounds like, due to some ignorant kid knowingly playing it loudly without ear phones just to obviously annoy everyone within earshot.

What is it with these modern young girls, within five seconds of getting on a bus, the mobile is out and being played with as if it’s compulsory, oblivious to everything else, even to the needs of the child in the push chair in some cases.

Years ago you’d see a young girl walking out with her hand bag over her shoulder, now, they just have a mobile phone clutched for dear life in their hand. I have a mobile phone, but, when I get on a bus, or a train, I switch it off till I get off, so as not to annoy anyone. Why can’t the modern generation have some consideration for others.

A Smith, Chorley

Stop fighters at the border

There have been questions raised by our PM about what are we are to do about the estimated 500 young Muslim Jihadists holding English passports who were persuaded originally by their Muslim extremist leaders here in the UK to join other extremists fighting in Syria.

Many of these may also be involved with the ISIS extremists presently invading Iraq, who knows? We have also learned two of these young Muslims were out on bail, being actively investigated by the police concerning illegal activities and have apparently now left the UK to join the Syrian War.

Why their passports weren’t confiscated so preventing their leaving beggars belief. The Prime Minister is quite correct in stating that if these same extremists are allowed back here, our country’s own security will be threatened.

Why should we have to fund the cost of attempting to monitor their activities if they were to be allowed back here? Although the PM has quite rightly identified the problem, I am not aware he has yet taken steps to cancel their passports and so deny them re-entry into the UK, which would appear to be the only sensible course to take.

E J Tilley, Chorley

Family is proud of war heroes

I note Adrian Kay’s email

about my letter regarding my grandmother’s brothers who were killed in the First World War (letters June 11).

All the details I already have: I knew where my great grandmother lived in Emmanuel Street, and the inscription at Emmanuel Church, I went to Emmanuel Church, my children were baptised there, and I only left a few years ago to enable me to go to a church near my home.

I would point out Emmanuel Church is still worshipping every Sunday, unfortunately not in the original building as this was deemed unsafe, but is held in the community building.

Regarding my relations not being in the Preston Pals, I was only repeating what my grandmother told me and the photograph was given to me by her.

Personally it does not matter if they were or not. The younger brother joined up at 16 years and his parents managed to get him home, then he went again when he was old enough.

I went to the Harris Library this week and their names are definitely there. I also traced the grave of Robert and have a photo of it, and the memorial which has Richard’s name on it. I traced all the above many years ago, and I am very proud of my family’s history.

My grandfather used to take me on November 11 to the

memorial in Preston when I was a small child and I still go when I am able and my son played the last post when he was in the Sea Cadets, so am very serious about my family history.

My grandfather was in the Loyals, in the First World War, and my father a Royal Marine in the Second World War.

So if I made a mistake about the Preston Pals it was not

intentional, although I would have thought my grandmother could have been right.

Mrs Pat Lawson, Preston

Restoration is a great project

With reference to the previous letters about the renovation of the old docks office on Strand Road I would like to congratulate the team responsible for bringing back to life the beautiful “art deco” clock.

I have been past many times and remarked with sadness on the fact it didn’t work. Hopefully now it is back to full working

order. Well done!

C Prescott, Walton-le-Dale