Reader’s letters - Friday August 8, 2014

Traders in Berry Lane, in Longridge, do themselves no favour over parking, according to one reader
Traders in Berry Lane, in Longridge, do themselves no favour over parking, according to one reader
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Face future over fracking

The majority of the residents of Roseacre, Wharles and Treales are against the proposed planning application at Roseacre Wood and have today delivered their petition to Lancashire County Council at County Hall.

Residents have read the glossy information brochures from Cuadrilla. They have attended Cuadrilla’s information sessions and carefully considered other sources of information and sound scientific research from countries where on shore, hydraulic fracturing, for unconventional gas has been done. The evidence shows our health and that of our children is at risk from this process. Air pollution is an inevitable effect of fracking.

Francis Egan and Cuadrilla have no proof that it is safe. They haven’t yet successfully drilled an onshore well by this method and at this depth in the UK.

The industry will be self regulated and the regulations proposed by the British Society of Engineers over two years ago, are still not implemented.

Even with regulation research shows that accidents do happen, well casings fail and we will be leaving a very costly , poisonous legacy, for future generations.

Only this morning Mr Egan was on Radio 4 saying only one chemical would be used in the operation. Cuadrilla won’t be the company that actually recovers the gas, after the exploration phase.

In 50 years time Mr Egan, Cuadrilla and the production company (whoever they will be) will be long gone , along with our beautiful countryside, our wildlife, agricultural land and farming, our clean water, our community, our tourism and leisure industry. All for what?

Corporate greed said smoking was safe, despite all the research to the contrary. Slick marketing strategies from the 1940s conned the public.

The tobacco companies swore on oath it was safe. The evidence was there. We didn’t listen to the researchers. The evidence we have now shows fracking is unsafe. Will we listen?

Or will our grandchildren say, “I wish they’d never started.”

Wake up people of Lancashire and protect your county for the future. Will we be the generation of Lancashire County Council that applied sound science and evidence to our planning policies?

Carole Worthington,Treales

Shop owners do not help trade

As a business owner in Longridge, it amazes me how many traders feel the need to park their vehicles outside their premises all day when there is a one-hour parking restriction.

Surely, they must know, in these current financial difficulties, how important it is to gain customers and not send them to supermarkets, which is happening.

This is because shoppers cannot find a space to park outside shops on Berry Lane.

So please have some consideration when coming to work on a morning, and think about potential customers coming to your shop.

Concerned shopowner, Longridge

New junction hits green belt

I read with horror and dismay of the proposal to build a new motorway junction north of Galgate. The only possible location would be between the houses bordering Knowe Hill Crescent, Barnacre Close, Dunkenshaw Crescent, Winmarleigh Road, Shireshead Crescent and the Burrowbeck estate to the north and the idyllic hamlet of Bailrigg to the south.

To my knowledge these fields have been the thoroughfare and home of deer, foxes and hedgehogs for the last 40 years. Why should this last area of beautiful green belt be sacrificed on the high altar of academia?

We already have to cope with the view of the monstrous wind turbine.

Name and address supplied.

Member should focus on city

How unsurprising that Labour’s Coun John Browne has reared his head on the murky topics of the Gaza war and Preston City Council’s ‘flag-gate’ saga (letters August 5).

It is most frustrating for the rate payer to see local ward councillors wading into the tumultuous battleground of international politics when it has absolutely diddly squat to do with them. I certainly hope that bombastic village elders like Browne aren’t publicly funded to go on ‘fact-finding’ missions to Gaza. He is, seemingly, in the wrong job!

If he wanted to be an international diplomat he should have applied for a post at the Foreign Office or the UN. Ward councillors are mandated to serve the local interests of their constituents - I fail to see how Browne’s jaunts to the Middle East could give any benefit to the frequency of bin collections or to the attainment of full employment for locals.

Trust in the judgment of such councillors to your detriment. It’s the likes of John Browne (with Rankin and co.) who have embraced the doomed multicultural experiment that has turned Preston, like so many other towns and cities across the UK, into a heavily factionalised society heading towards unrest.

Charlotte Walmsley, Preston

President has to get tough

On July 18, I turned on the evening news and just caught President Obama as he was saying: “an outrage of unspeakable dimensions...”. I cried out loud: “at last”. At last a US president who had condemned the outrage of the latest Israeli massacre of the Palestinian people and the destruction of their homes, schools and hospitals, using weaponry supplied by the US and the West.

At last a US president who realised the US could no longer continue to support the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine.

At last a US president who would withdraw the massive US financial and military support from an Israeli government that is proud to say it does not listen to world opinion. But alas no, President Obama was referring to the downing of the Malaysian plane, with the loss of mainly European lives, in still mysterious circumstances, which he has decided is the responsibility of President Putin. Shame on him.

Romy Clark Giuliani, Lancaster