Reader’s letters - Friday 31 January 2014

Demolition work underway at The Bridge Inn, Victoria Road, Walton-le-Dale
Demolition work underway at The Bridge Inn, Victoria Road, Walton-le-Dale
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Expenses probe was right

There is something breathtakingly arrogant in the comments of our police commissioner Clive Grunshaw that the recent investigation into his expenses claim was difficult to justify.

Why was an investigation necessary you may ask yourself?

For the simple reason that Mr Grunshaw had been double-claiming on numerous occasions for car mileage when he attended meetings of both bodies on the same day in Preston.

He made the mistake not just once or twice but on numerous occasions which undoubtedly led to the investigations he now chooses to complain about.

If any local government officer or other person employed in the public service had done the same they would have immediately been suspended while the matters were investigated.

Suspension is held in law to be a neutral act and is done for several reasons, chief among them is to prevent someone who is suspected of inappropriate or of falsifying claims to secure financial gain from interfering with the investigation or being accused of so doing at a later date.

One could ask therefore why was someone allowed to occupy a position of such authority in our police force while he was under investigation by the same force for potential fraud and have different standards apply to him.

Anyone elected or appointed to a public office has their attention drawn to the Nolan Principles of Public Life which were drawn up some years ago by the Nolan Committee and endorsed by Parliament.

There are seven of them dealing with the need for openness, honesty, integrity, leadership, objectivity, selflessness and accountability.

That is why Mr Grunshaw was investigated both by the Independent Police Complaints Body and the Crown Prosecution Service.

The latter body decided there was insufficient evidence for there to be a reasonable chance of securing a conviction. That is important. However, the duplicate claims were made – that is a matter of fact - and Mr Grunshaw would do well to keep his head down for some time rather than pontificate about the costs incurred in investigating him.

He should also remember that those costs are paid from the same source as his claims were ie the council tax and the income tax.

“Me thinks that he protests too much”.

Doubting Thomas, Chorley

Pub loss a real blow to area

Why has The Bridge Inn pub been allowed to be knocked down to build a nursery. Why couldn’t they have put an extension on it?

The little cabin which sold ice cream and toffee was knocked down for flats. The Bridge Inn had a lovely garden and play area for the kids. I have fond memories of visiting it and sitting in the garden with the children.

Everything that is nice is taken away from us. It all boils down to money.

Another pub bites the dust.

Name and address supplied

Sad to see cafe close its doors

How sad to find out that Cassandras cafe has closed in the Guild Hall Arcade. The staff and food who ever made it was lovely.

The staff did an excellent job. It’s so sad they have lost it . The lady who owns it has lost her business.

Good luck to all of them in the near future. Hope they all find work, they did an excellent job running Cassandra, it will be sadly missed by everybody who shopped there.

Nice cafes are few and far between. From one of your customers.

Name and address supplied

Lots of ways to cycle safely

A television advert promoting safe cycling has been banned for showing a rider without a helmet. The advert, part of a campaign by Cycling Scotland, seeks to encourage drivers to give cyclists the same space and care as they would give horse.

Just like the speeding cyclists who give the walking pedestrians - before running them over on the pavement?

But the Advertising Standards Authority said it should not be shown again as not wearing a helmet was “socially irresponsible”. Ah, right, and just like the cyclists clutching their phones with one hand or riding without due care like not even holding handlebars?

Cycling Scotland said wearing a helmet was not a legal requirement. No, we all know that but it sure as heck can save you from a serious head injury if you do happen to fall off your bike.

Darryl Ashton, Blackpool

Hall staff made stay a pleasure

We recently stayed at Bartle Hall for my husband’s 70th birthday. May I just say a very big thank you to each and every one of the staff there. Nothing was too much trouble for them and they all really looked after us very well. A very big thank you to each member of the staff. Whatever it is they got - they have got it right. I cannot praise them enough.

People are always first to complain about a product or service. We need to compliment more. Bartle Hall is definitely worth another visit and we will be paying them one again very soon. Keep up the very good work Bartle Hall.

Trisha Bond, Preston

Charity critic is a waste of space

Rich Tory Edwina Currie has criticised charitable food banks for helping people with gifts of food. The former Tory Minister left with egg all over her face. Now she is pelting the poor with rotten eggs. This is about as feminine as a pit bull in a day nursery. We are a rich nation with millions of poor people. And Cameron’s Tory-led coalition has made things worse for the poor and better for the rich. We should praise charities for helping the poor.

Max Nottingham