Reader’s letters - Friday 14 February 2014

First World War cemetery in Ypres, France
First World War cemetery in Ypres, France
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Tragedy of the Great War

Throughout this year the nation will be commemorating the outbreak of the World War One. Whilst paying my respects to the fallen and the maimed in the hostilities I have concluded that the due cause of the conflict was the war mongering of 
capitalism and imperialism.

History books, to the contrary, would cite the assassination of Austrian Nobility in Sarajevo, this masked the facts that the major industrialised nations in Europe were in need of more global markets for the products which they had manufactured.

Among these nations Germany was prominent having rapidly extended its industrial output following unification in the 19th century and was influenced by a strong Imperialist fervour promoted by the Kaiser a close blood relative of King George V and an equally strong and emerging capitalist industrial base.

All that was required was to light the fuse which would bring about an outbreak of hostilities was the above assassination.

The tragedy yet to emerge was the mass slaughter of the working classes and peasantry of Europe which would only benefit the war profiteering capitalists and the Empire building imperialists. A study of profits made by British Industry more than adequately exposes the capitalist excess profits .

The question must inevitably arise who won the conflict? Again history books would have us believe the British Empire and French were victorious.

To the contrary, following the war British industry experienced a boom for about three-four years and then went into a long and protracted decline until the outbreak of World War Two.

At no time, with the exception of the Baldwins and armaments manufacturers, did the capitalist /industrialist offer to pay back any excess profits arising from the war.

Yet another example of imperialist / capitalist greed was the imposition of impossible reparations forced on Germany in the Peace Treaty of Versailles in 1919, especially by the French, and British, despite appeals by the American President. These 
impossible sanctions bankrupted Germany and in turn paved the way for Hitler and his National Socialists to gain power.

In conclusion may I reiterate that capitalism and imperialism were the main causes and beneficiaries of World War One and the losers were the working classes and peasantry of Europe whose names are displayed on memorials in every city, town village and hamlet in the United Kingdom.

Terry Bayes, Hoghton

Shop courtesy missing at tills

I’ve been in a number of shops in Preston and the courtesy I’ve received is absolutely appalling.

When I get to the checkout I automatically say “good morning” or “good afternoon”.

All I get is either a “hi y’alright,” “hiya,” “yes,” they ignore what I’ve said or, even worse, just sit there and look at me. What is the matter with the shop people in Preston? Are they completely illiterate? Do these people not get any training in common courtesy any more?

Name and address supplied

Boating Bob not in it together

May I ask just where Jeff McCann acquired the information that the Duchess of Cambridge was on holiday at someone else’s expense (letters February 12).

Has he seen the receipts or maybe the cheque signed ratepayer? Is it just possible her parents footed the bill out of money they worked for?

At least she did not attempt to hold the capital to ransom by calling a strike. A strike, I might add, not supported by the majority of his union members. A strike called while he was on his £10,000 cruise thus causing him no inconvenience whatsoever. I wonder how many of his members can afford a cruise? Mr McCann is quite right when he says we are not all in this together.

Valerie E Andrews, St Annes-on-Sea

Unfair to have go at Duchess

Are we the only readers to find Mr McCann’s letter accusing the Duchess of Cambridge of insensitivity in going for a short break to the Caribbean with her parents not only a mite spiteful but misguided?

The Duchess cannot defend herself. Surely, if her parents choose to spend some of their hard-earned funds on a holiday this is perfectly acceptable.

The implication that the Duchess is spending taxpayers’ money is spurious; does the writer have evidence for this?

The Duchess is proving to be a popular and hard-working member of the Royal Family. We should applaud this and wish her well as she, like the Queen did as a young monarch, faces a future of public service that would be daunting to most of us. The tail end of Mr McCann’s letter suggests to us that the main purpose of his attack is to snipe at the Prime Minister.

To vilify the Duchess in the process is unworthy and small-minded.

John and Bennie Bird, Bilsborrow

Lack of action behind flooding

How do these people get these jobs? Watching Eric Pickles on the TV he says the government made mistakes in not

dredging the rivers at Moorland and surrounding areas. This despite people sending them

letters and raising this issue.

Only since Prince Charles and UKIP’s Nigel Farage expressed their deep anger over the negative response shown by certain government ministers has anything happened.

Other countries seem to cope very well when dealing with

extreme weather conditions – only the UK seems to be lagging so far behind.

Apparently, dredging was stopped due to cost cutting and now the poor people of the places concerned are themselves

paying the ultimate price.

Darryl Ashton, Blackpool

Old home is a part of heritage

The 100-year-old bungalow (LEP February 13) should be grade listed like bus station as this is part of Penwortham’s

history if any one offers it for one pound like they did with bus

station then keep it as it is.

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