Reader’s letters: Friday 11 April 2014

Television advertising of online gambling should be curbed (see letter)
Television advertising of online gambling should be curbed (see letter)
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Shale gas testing ground

I cannot understand why the fracking issue isn’t getting larger amounts of coverage. It is the biggest issue we face, as it will destroy our green and leafy areas which bring tourists in and make it a lovely place to live.

I am neither a greenie nor an activist, merely a resident of 30 years’ standing who doesn’t want to see Lancashire decimated by fracking sites.

I, with many others, suddenly find myself at risk of living near one of these sites. People seem to have their heads in the sand and don’t appear to realise that Lancashire is being used as a test ground for fracking.

This industry is not properly regulated; they are using offshore regulations for an onshore drilling spree. Offshore drilling did not have to consider communities. Would you want to buy dairy or meat from an area which has been fracked?

It is supposedly regulated, but we have seen regulated industry ... banking, mad cow disease, egg scare, horse meat etc, all from “regulated industries”.

Last time Cuadrilla drilled here they caused an earthquake. Why would we want them back?

The Government says it will help give us cheaper energy, yet the chairman of Cuadrilla has openly admitted it will not give us cheaper gas.

The Government believes it can push this past Lancashire and the people “up north” will stand for it.

We are being used to fill the Government coffers .

Notice none of this affects London and the Home Counties, some of which have already declared themselves “frack free zones”.

Healthwise, we are not being told there is evidence in the USA that close to these sites there is a 32 per cent increase in cancer rates and a 38 per cent increase in congenital heart defects, not to mention a range of asthmatic and dermatological issues.

Don’t expect Fylde Council to protect you, just refer you to Lancashire County Council who will decide on permits. Find out the facts and then make a decision. We must fight this or the Fylde will change forever.

Write to your MP with your views. Then e-mail Lancashire County Council to object.

Pat Davies, Westby

UKIP offers a new alternative

I really had to laugh at the man of faith’s letter, the Reverend Graham Nelson (letters April 8). He says UKIP shouldn’t be allowed to get too much press time and TV air time.

Funny, I thought we all shared and lived as one in a democracy. UKIP may not have any MPs, but thanks to those other corrupt parties UKIP are growing rapidly as the people’s and the nation’s party.

They should be treated as a very serious challenge and they are entitled to air their views. I myself, do think we now need a complete change of leaders – and party – and given how the previous governments, and the one now, have been wrecking the UK, why don’t we give Nigel Farage a chance

Darryl Ashton, Blackpool

Time to turn off gambling ads

If there was an advert on television which said ‘like to smoke? Good! We will send you 200 fags to get you started.’

Or, ‘Never had a drink? Oh dear! We will send you a case of lager to get you started’ it wouldn’t happen, wouldn’t be allowed – and quite right to.

But what about the advert, (one of many) in which the scrawny blonde girl, and her idiot husband, who seem to live in a domestic casino, play out the advert and offer you £50 ‘to get you started!’

This is fine is it? Surely gambling, though not quite so life threatening as the others, causes a lot of misery?

Or am I old and out of date? Probably!

Alan Fazackerley, Penwortham

Grand National is a cruel event

That no horses were killed during The Grand National’s big race is no cause for celebration. In two other races run over the same course during last year’s Grand National meeting, two horses lost their lives.

In other words, despite all Aintree’s promises of reform, the course remains lethal for horses. Since 2000, 24 horses have died racing on it.

The Grand National itself

features a dangerously overcrowded field of 40 horses, who are forced to confront 30

extraordinarily challenging and treacherous jumps, over a gruelling distance of nearly four-and-a-half miles. Fewer than half complete the course.

For anyone who does not want to finance a ‘sport’ in which animals lose their lives, there is an alternative: Sanctuary Not Cruelty.

Rather than having a flutter on the notorious Aintree race, you can donate the money to a specialist horse sanctuary and make a real difference to horse welfare. Visit Animal Aid’s website at or contact us for a free information pack.

Mrs B A Halldearn, Arnside, Carnforth

Thanks for all of the kindness

As a person of few words I would like to express my sincere thanks to all those who supported me throughout my recent illness. Cards and gifts were so generously given, but it was the love, friendship, kindness and thoughtfulness shown to me by everyone who really helped to lift me and help me on my way to recovery.

I would like to give a special thanks to the excellent medical team at the Royal Preston Hospital who all worked their magic to bring me successfully through my operation.

The nurses, including district nurses, catering and auxiliary staff, were all committed and dedicated. I felt really fortunate to be cared for by people who

displayed both professionalism and sensitivity.

Last, but certainly not least, I would like to say a huge thank you to my husband who has been constantly at my side, caring and supporting me throughout in every way possible.

I feel very blessed and am now looking forward to enjoying life again. With my thanks and


Willa Ireland, Goosnargh