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Readers’ letters - July 29

Costs would pay for so much

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Prime Minister David Cameron took a risk and lost it all, says a reader. See letter

Readers’ letters - July 28

Goodbye David Cameron

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Chorley Post Office is to move to WH Smith in the town. See letter

Readers’ letters - July 27

Post office move is a disaster

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A reader asks what do we gain from leaving the EU? See letter

Readers’ letters - July 26

Why did we leave the EU?

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War is not the solution to the problems the world faces says a reader. See letter

Readers’ letters - July 25

Iraq – it was just the start

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Readers’ letters

Paying more for delays in funeral services

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MPs overwhelmingly voted to renew Britains Trident nuclear weapon system. See letter

Readers’ letters - July 22

Tackle youth obesity now

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Two women place flowers along the beach of the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France, following the Bastille Day truck attack

Readers’ letters - July 22

Stop showing propaganda

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A new road will increase congestion at Broughton interchange says a reader. See letter

Readers’ letters - July 21

Fourth junction is a bad idea

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A reader, who missed Lib Dem leader Tim Farrons meeting about the EU, explains his decision to vote Out

Readers’ letters - July 20

Tim, let me tell you why

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A reader asks why is there such a disparity in train fares? See letter

Readers’ letters - July 19

Puzzle of unfair train fare

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Bamber Bridge team in action   the man behind Bamber Bridge FC, John Gerald Lawson, was awarded  posthumously recently

Readers’ letters - July 18

Gerry deserved his award

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Politicians pose for a photograph during this years Nato summit in Warsaw, Poland. See letter

Readers’ letters - July 15

We’re leaving EU not Nato

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Lancashire MEP Sajjad Karim has welcomed Theresa May as the new Leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister. See letter

Readers’ letters - July 14

Theresa will unite nation

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Labour MP Angela Eagle with Jeremy Corbyn, who she has challenged for leadership of the Labour Party

Readers’ letters - July 13

Listening to wrong people

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Protesters campaign to keep Adlington Library  open. See letter

Readers’ letters - July 12

Books are a joy to behold

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Tony Blair responded to the Chilcot report during a press conference at Admiralty House, London, See letters

Readers’ letters - July 11

Time to leave Blair alone

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Following Englands departure from the Euro Championships, a reader says the players should learn from a 1953 Hungarian team

Readers’ letters - July 8

Lessons from Hungary in ’53

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Remain supporters take part in the March for Europe rally but a reader says they should now accept the result

Readers’ letters - July 7

Accept democratic result

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Floral tributes left in Parliament Square, London, after Labour MP Jo Cox was shot and stabbed to death

Readers’ letters - July 6

Questions are irrelevant

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