Would the ambassador like this battered treat

Mister Eaters Chippy owner John Clarkson with the Ferrero Rochers

Mister Eaters Chippy owner John Clarkson with the Ferrero Rochers

We’ve heard of deep fried Mars Bars and even deep fried mince pies but a Preston chip chop has taken a new twist on an old favourite - a deep fried Ferrero Rocher.

Mister Eaters chippy in Longridge Road, Ribbleton, has started selling the unusual treat following a suggestion from customers.

It isn’t the first time the chip shop’s owners Corinne and John Clarkson have come up with a wacky food item.

Last Christmas they sold deep fried mince pies, at Halloween they sold deep fried Scream Eggs and they have also sold battered Tunnock’s Teacakes and battered cheese cake.

But the Ferrero Rochers have proved to be the most popular deep fried sweet snack they have sold.

Corinne said: “We have done a lot of chocolate things before like Mars Bars and in the summer we did a battered Cornetto, we didn’t actually sell them, they were a bit messy and weren’t really sellable.

“This year we started up a Facebook page for Mister Eaters and invited people to share their suggestions,

“One customer said ‘you will be deep frying Ferrero Rochers next!

“He was surprised when he saw them the next time he came in.”

Corinne added: “They just taste the same. We sell them as one or as three. They are 50p each or three for £1.40.”

The battered chocolate has definitely split opinion in the shop.

“It’s either one way or other, people think ‘I am going to give them a go’ or they think it is just wrong, said Corinne, “It really is a talking point.”

Last year the chippy was filmed for a programme by celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal.

Who knows what the staff at the shop will be deep-frying next - but the experiments are continuing.

“There’s not many things that people come up with that we haven’t done,” said Corinne, “We will chuck anything in and see what it turns out like!”

The chippy is to run a competition on its Facebook page using a photo of a mountain of battered Ferrero Rocher chocs and asking kids to guess how many are in the mountain. The five nearest will win a selection box.

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