Wonderdog sniffs out owner's cancer

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A woman today revealed how her dog saved her life ... by sniffing out undiagnosed cancer.

Sandie Robertson, 50, of Walton-le-Dale, near Preston, was baffled when her normally aloof nine-year-old Papillon Molly began behaving completely out of character.

She constantly sniffed and licked her and became agitated.

Sandie, who used to work as a holistic therapist, said: "Molly just would not leave me alone and wanted to sniff and lick around my abdomen area incessantly.

"She was acting very strangely and behaving similar to a bitch in season. I was getting frustrated by her undivided attention and kept having to tell her to get down.

"It was totally out of character as Molly is usually quite aloof and only comes to you when she wants something."

Sandie's other three dogs – who are all Molly's puppies – behaved no differently towards Sandie.

Molly's strange behaviour continued and then when Sandie found a tiny spot of blood from herself, she decided to get it checked out with her GP.

Sandie said: "It was such a tiny spot of blood, I would have ignored it at any other time.

"But because Molly was acting so strangely, I became suspicious and my woman's intuition told me to get it investigated."

Sandie was referred to Royal Preston Hospital but all her tests and scans came back negative.

However, her specialist undertook a further test which revealed she had endometrial cancer – cancer of the uterus.

The cancer was in its very early stages and Sandie underwent a hysterectomy.

Sandie, who lives with partner Adrian Dixon, said: "While I was in hospital, I told a nurse I had only been alerted to the cancer because of Molly's bizarre behaviour. She told me that certain cancers can have a similar aroma to pear drops and the smell can cause some dogs to behave like Molly did."

Since Sandie's operation and discharge from hospital, Molly has returned to being aloof.

Sandie said: "If it wasn't for Molly, I might not be here today. I definitely owe her my life as if she hadn't been behaving so peculiarly, I wouldn't have gone to my doctor.

"I would advise women to seek medical advice no matter how vague their symptoms, as the earlier cancer is diagnosed the more curable it is. I would also urge pet owners to see their doctor if their pet begins to act strangely towards them and gets agitated, as their animal could literally save their life."


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