Winter wonderland to be unveiled to city crowds

Lancashire Christmas Market on the Flag Market in Preston Santa

Lancashire Christmas Market on the Flag Market in Preston Santa

The city’s winter wonderland was set to be unveiled today, as Preston’s Flag Market was transformed into an outdoor ice rink.

Among the attractions are a Ferris wheel and log cabins serving festive food and drink, and the ice rink will be in place until January.

Preston Council’s events manager Tim Joel said he was excited about the wonderland, and hoped it would bring crowds flocking to the city.

Mr Joel said: “Our focus this year, following the Guild, has been a summer and winter programme that is looking to drive people into the city centre.

“Obviously in light of the changes in the high street and all those challenges, we’ve really focussed our attention on giving people alternative reason to come in other than just shops.

“We’ve this year decided for winter that we would go on an ice rink and winter wonderland set up.”

He said there would be a bar serving mulled wine and spiced cider, and for children there was a Ferris wheel and an ice word simulator.

He said: “It creates a real buzz for the Flag Market with lots of activity and lots of things going on to provide an attraction to come into the city centre.

“And while people are there, we are hoping they will go to the shops as well and do a bit of Christmas shopping or stay for a meal or go and watch the panto, so there is a real opportunity to prolong people’s time in the city centre.”

The ice rink will be in place until January 5, and will be open from 11am to 9pm Monday to Saturday, and from 11am to 7pm on Sundays.

Mr Joel said: “It’s a culmination of this year’s work so we are very excited to see how that pans out.”




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