Wear the pyjamas with pride for Katy cause

Pyjama fun: Youngsters enjoying Pyjama Day earlier this year

Pyjama fun: Youngsters enjoying Pyjama Day earlier this year

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Schools and workplaces are being urged to take part in a pyjama day to mark the anniversary of the death of brave brain tumour victim Katy Holmes.

Katy, of Margaret Road, Penwortham, died on January 19 this year after being struck by an inoperable brain tumour.

A Pyjama Party was held in February this year only weeks after Katy’s death to raise funds in her memory and schools and nurseries across Lancashire raised thousands of pounds.

Katy’s family are now organising a Pyjama Day for Friday January 18 next year to coincide with the anniversary of Katy’s death to distract from the sadness of the day and to raise money to fund research into paediatric brain tumours.

Mum Paula, who also has daughters Charley, nine and 11-month-old baby Scarlet, said: “The anniversary of Katy’s death will be very emotional for us as a family and we wanted to organise the Pyjama Day for around this time so we can turn a sad time into something positive and raise money to try and find a cure for paediatric brain tumours.

“We are aiming to make this Pyjama Day an even bigger event and want it to be a national Pyjama Day with schools from all over the country taking part. We also want to open the day up to businesses and we hope that as many people as possible take part. The reason the Pyjama Day was originally organised was because when Katy was ill, she was in her pyjamas all the time and her friends and other schoolchildren wanted to show their support for her.

“Sadly, Katy died before the Pyjama Day this year, but money was raised in her memory.

“If anyone is uncomfortable with the idea of wearing pyjamas to school or work, they can organise a dress down day instead. The important thing is that we raise as much money as possible to try and save other children from brain tumours.”

If you would like to take part in Pyjama Day, e-mail: schoolpjday@hotmail.co.uk