‘We wouldn’t swap our black cats for the world’

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“Look at our marvellous moggies!”

Since we revealed the RSPCA was struggling to rehome black and black and white cats because they don’t photograph well, Evening Post readers have been trying to prove the theory wrong.

Dozens of pictures of beloved monochrome moggies have been sent in, showing them in all kinds of different poses.

Matthew Lawrenson of 
Ashfield, Fulwood, is the proud owner of four cats, three of which are black or black and white.

He said: “I can’t say they’ve been particularly restrictive to photography of their bizarre catty behaviour, as the pictures confirm.”

Andrew Palin sent in a picture of his two black cats, both rescued from the RSPCA. He said: “Both are fantastic with our one year old daughter.”

Laura Wane from Chorley sent in a snap of her cat Lilly with her kitten stump, a name given because the kitten was born with only half a tail.

Laura said: “They are both beautiful and Lilly has taken some really good photos.”

A picture of neckerchiefed Jess was sent in by owner Natalie Close, who said: “She always photographs really well and we wouldn’t swap her for the world.”

Thanks to everyone who sent in pictures.




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