Warnings making a mark

The new dog fouling stencils in Farington

The new dog fouling stencils in Farington

Spray-painted signs warnings dog walkers to pick up after their pets are making marks in Farington.

The parish council has been inspired by neighbouring towns in its bid to stop dog owners allowing their pets to foul in parks and on the streets without cleaning it up afterwards. The new stencils now used around the village read ‘Clean it up’.

Parish councillor Paul Wharton said: “We’ve had a lot of complaints from local people about dog fouling problems in Bristol Avenue, Mill Street and around Farington Park.

“We spoke to South Ribble Council but they said that unless they catch someone in the act, there’s little they can do.

“I looked in other areas and noticed Chorley has these spray-painted logos and messages to encourage people to be responsible dog owners, so that’s what we’re doing here.”

He added: “This has never been done before in South Ribble, but I hope it helps and maybe other areas of the borough could be looked at as well. It’s horrible to see dog mess on the streets and in the park. The paint lasts for about six to eight weeks, so we’ll see if it improves the situation and take it from there.

“We also want to encourage people to report any cases to South Ribble Council.”

People found allowing their dogs to foul without cleaning it up can be fined up to £75.

Dog walkers can also be charged for other offences, and three people have recently been prosecuted by the council in the borough.

To report an issue to South Ribble Council, call 01772 421491 or visit www.south




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