Warning over thieves operating in the cold

Crime news

Crime news

South Ribble police are reminding residents not to leave their vehicles unattended while allowing their car to warm up in the cold weather.

A spokesman said: “Winter is approaching fast and you may be tempted to go back inside and get the kids ready for school or finish things off around the house.

“But car thieves are opportunists and if you leave your car unattended you may discover that your car is gone.”

Tips to keep property safe include:

• Don’t be tempted to leave your keys in the vehicle, not even for a moment. A thief will take the opportunity to get into your car and drive it away

• Don’t leave your engine running on a cold morning while you defrost the car. This is a good chance for thieves to make off with the vehicle

• Consider fitting an approved alarm system with an immobiliser. This is an effective means of preventing the theft of your vehicle.

Residents are also warning people not to leave Christmas presents on display in their homes or cars.




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