Urgent plan to tackle city accident toll

Blackspot: Prestons accident figures for young people are Lancashires worst

Blackspot: Prestons accident figures for young people are Lancashires worst

Road safety campaigners are targeting Preston after it was revealed the city has the highest accident figures involving youngsters in Lancashire.

On average 82 people are either killed or seriously injured on Preston’s roads each year - and almost half of those are either children or young people under the age of 25.

Now the city’s Community Safety Partnership has made safer roads a priority in an attempt to reduce the accident toll. A report to Preston Council’s cabinet revealed the city is significantly above average for read deaths and injuries both within the North West and across England. Casualties are disproportionate in children and young people who account for 37 per cent of the city’s population, but suffer 47 per cent of all killed or seriously hurt.

The situation is particularly bad in the under-15 age group where Preston has the highest number killed or seriously injured in Lancashire. The Safer Preston Community Safety Plan says a significant number of those are child pedestrians “entering the carriageway without sufficient care.”

Preston also has one of the worst pedal cycle casualty rates per head of population. The Community Safety Partnership, which comprises a number of agencies, has identified areas of action in 2014 to reduce the statistics.

Amongst measures being taken will be delivering a “Wasted Lives” package to key high schools and colleges, running intelligence-led enforcement campaigns to target the main causes of accidents amongst young people and establishing road safety initiatives in neighbourhoods where there is the highest risk.




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