UPDATE: Vandalism warning over lights theft

Greenside, Cottam
Greenside, Cottam
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Lancashire police and Lancashire County Council have issued a warning about the dangers of tampering with street lights, after a group of lads diced with death meddling with fuses.

Police have launched a hunt for a group who are believed to have prised open metal doors on the street lamps and taken out the fuses on Greenside, Cottam, Preston, at around 7pm on Tuesday.

Preston police say a number of street lights were affected and that the thieves put themselves at risk by meddling with the box.

And a spokesman for LCC added they risked death by electrocution by extracting the fuses.

The council spokesman said: “We were called out yesterday evening to Greenside in Cottam following reports that fuses had been removed from some streetlights.

“This issue was sorted and the lights were switched back on.

“Our engineers replaced the fuses and made the streetlights safe again as quickly as possible.

“People should not tamper with street lights in any way as there is a risk they could be killed or seriously injured.

“If you notice anyone trying to open a street light or see any damage to the doors or lamp-post, you should report it straight away.”

A spokesman for the police added: “Not only does this cost to replace the fuses, the persons responsible are putting themselves at high risk of electrocuting themselves. Street lamps are there to help illuminate the street and should not be tampered with in any circumstance.”

Lea Coun Christine Abram said: “They have put themselves and residents of the area at risk. It is reckless vandalism and they are gaining nothing by doing this.”

If you have any information please call the police on: 101 quoting log number: LC-20160223-1221